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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Modern handguns are generally revolvers, semi-automatic and high capacity.  Typical handguns for the last 100 years include the S&W Model 19 dates from 1899 and is still in production.  M1911 dates from about 1911 and is still in production and the Glock 17 dates from 1982.

These are the military and police style handguns that would be popular in the USA and much of the Western world the last 100 years.  Other handguns are similar in design, range and accuracy.  All three weapons have a range of about 50 yards with a skilled shooter. 

The revolver holds about 6 rounds and is the slowest to reload.  The semi-auto holds a couple more rounds but is usually faster to reload.  The high capacity will hold 12 to 20 rounds depending on the specific model.  It can be reloaded as fast as the semi-auto.  Under most conditions these three classes of handgun are not that different.  I am an expert in all three and the shooter is the greatest variable; that's what the SGT Says.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Motor Cop


This video shows a motorcycle cop chasing a suspect vehicle and later a foot pursuit.  In my opinion, the officer does an excellent job conducting the pursuit.  He activates his emergency equipment and notified dispatch of the pursuit.

When he gets to intersections, particularly controlled intersections, he slows, looks both ways and then proceeds, even if it means the suspect gets a bit ahead of him.  The officer gives his speed several times and he also calls off many of the suspects violations.  This is important for several reasons.

It gives more information to the supervisor about the nature of the pursuit, it's not just an expired registration, it becomes excessive speed, running stop signs, and other types of reckless driving.  It also is good if you don't have cameras so that you can remember the offenses and cite him later.  Pursuits are dangerous, but by staying calm and concentrating on safe driving and relaying data the danger can be reduced; that's what the SGT Says.

Saturday, November 1, 2014



A man with an ax smashed the window of an occupied police car.  The officer exited his car and struggled with the suspect, but the suspect got away.  The officer was injured in the struggle.  This is the second ax attack in recent days, with the other one in New York City.

An ax is a deadly weapon, and could easily kill you.  Even if hit in the vest, I would be concerned the blunt force trauma might be enough to disable you.  Just like other edged weapons, an ax armed suspect should not be allowed to get close to you. 

Situational awareness, even when parked in your patrol car is important.  Be prepared to drive away or exit and respond if you are approached by any suspect.  Even an ax handle is longer and heavier than a police baton and is a dangerous weapon, that's what the SGT Says.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Motorcycle Video


Recently a video was posted of a group of motorcyclists riding on the freeway in California.  They are doing wheelies and other dangerous stunts.  They are also taunting a California Highway Patrol officer who is also on a motorcycle.  With odds of six or more to one he did try and get them to stop, but later raced away.

The police investigated the incident and have begun making arrests.  The actions of these bike riders are very dangerous, not only for themselves but for other motorists as well.  When doing these stunts they often slow traffic down.  If one of them lays their bike down, they create a road hazard for other motorists.

I applaud the police for investigating this incident and for making arrests.  Too many foolish outlaws think they can do whatever they want, no matter who they harm or inconvenience and get away with it; so much so that they post videos of their wanton and criminal acts.  They need to go to jail; that's what the SGT Says.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prisoner Abuse


Several Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies have been convicted of various crimes relating to abuse of prisoners.  The FBI was investigating the department based on complaints.  I think that generally, the states should investigate law enforcement agencies inside their borders.  Certainly that does not excuse the behavior of these deputies, but I don't think the Federal Government should be involved.

Jail is a dangerous and unhappy place for both inmates and deputies.  In one instance a deputy was bribed to take a cell phone inside to give to a prisoner.  Cell phones are often used by criminals to set up ongoing criminal activity outside the jail.

Abuse of prisoners is unacceptable behavior and should be reported when it happens.  Officers can make mistakes, have poor judgement, or get angry.  Anyone can have a bad day, but the abuse of prisoners is never permitted.  Sometimes additional training or role models can be helpful, but criminal behavior needs a loss of career; that's what the SGT Says.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dog Avoidance

If you have to deal with a bad dog, but have a little time to prepare there are several options.  Naturally, the best option is to avoid the problem.  Call Animal Control and let them deal with the dog.  Sometimes you can contact a friend, relative, or neighbor of the owner who can control the dog.

Call your fire department.  A CO2 fire extinguisher will cool down a dog's nose and mouth, and most of them don't like that at all.  Also the cloud of "smoke" from the extinguisher will confuse and scare them, often they will run away.

A stream of water from a hose will scare off most dogs.  A garden hose is usually enough, but a small fire hose is even better.  Maintaining good relations with your fire department is a good idea.  A dry fire extinguisher will work, but you get dry powder everywhere, and that's really a mess.  Try to avoid shooting a dog, it looks bad in the paper; that's what the SGT Says.