Sunday, April 26, 2009

Magazine Ban

"On Tuesday, April 28, the Senate Public Safety Committee will hear Senate Bill 776 and Senate Bill 697.SB776, sponsored by State Senator Loni Hancock (D-9), would mandate the registration of all magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. The possession of unregistered magazines would be a crime and punishable up to a year in prison."

Exactly what criminal acts will be prevented by making this act into a law? The presence or absence of high capacity gun magazines is not a feature of criminal activity. There will not be any fewer murders if this law is passed. This is simply another chance for liberal state senators to pretend to do something about crime.

In California our prisons are under court orders to release prisoners to relieve overcrowding. Yet, our people have voted time and again for tougher sentencing, even for a three strikes law to keep career criminals behind bars for life. If our state legislature really wanted to do something about crime, they could increase the prison space, and legislate away the authority of judges to release prisoners before their sentences are finished, that's what the SGT Says.


FlyTrap said...

I never quite understood the 10 round capacity limit in California. If you can't shoot me with 10 rounds, I doubt you will be able to shoot me with 15. Are we asking the criminals to become better shots?

Again, the only people who are forced to follow this rule are the law abiding citizens. I doubt a parolee who is carrying a weapon is going to care if he is obeying this law.

Bunkermeister said...

A parolee who is carrying a weapon is already disobeying the law. This will have no effect on criminals. This is one more way the liberals work on banning all citizen ownership of firearms. They do it a little bit at a time.