Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Never Let Your Guard Down

Once the suspect is dead, or badly wounded or has given up, stay alert. "Dead" people come back to life and shoot cops. Bad guys give up and then sense weakness and attack again. Most often suspects have a partner that shows up a minute or two into the incident and they begin a second attack. Stay alert for the second attack and the second suspect.

If you are involved in a shooting and the suspect is down or has given up, make sure they are proned out. Take a moment to take inventory. Are your hurt? You may be injured and not even realize it. Have you notified dispatch and your back up officers that there has been a shooting? Do they know where you are at? If you shot one round, reload. If you counted that you shot one round, you may really have fired ten, reload.

Unless there is a good reason not to do so, wait for back up before you approach the suspect. It is better to have two of you there to perform contact and cover on an armed suspect. Scan the area, even behind you, for additional suspects. If you must approach the suspect, use as much cover as you can. It is better for them to move to you, even if they have to crawl, so you don't have to give up cover. Be careful, they are the person who almost murdered you; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

I've never shot a suspect on duty but when I've done it in training (simunitions) I handcuff them after they're down. I've had some instructors freak out and I've had some praise my fore thought.

Besides the safety issue, if I shot the guy he was breaking the law and I'm going to arrest him. he needs to be cuffed.

Bunkermeister said...

Anything short of decapitation probably needs a pair of handcuffs. Some suspects with very bad wounds have recoverd enough to resume the fight. Once the suspect is handcuffed and searched, they need to have first aid rendered to their wounds too.