Friday, April 17, 2009

Not So Smart Guns

According to the National Rifle Association, Institute for Legislative Action:

"SB697, authored by State Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-7), would prohibit the sale of handguns other than "owner-authorized (or “smart”) handguns" -- that is, handguns with a permanent, programmable biometric feature that renders the firearm useless unless activated by the authorized user. No proven, viable handgun of this type has ever been developed. The bill would require the California Attorney General to report to the Governor and Legislature on the availability of owner-authorized handguns; once the Attorney General finds that these guns are available, only “owner-authorized” handguns could be approved for sale in California."

The California State Legislature wants to pass a law to mandate that all guns sold in California are smart handguns. They want to make a law that says that it will be legal only to sell handguns that include a technology that does not actually exist. What criminal acts will be prevented if this law passes? Why do members of the Legislature keep passing firearms laws that will have no effect on criminal activity? Why do they keep passing firearms laws that will not make us safer?

Why not pass laws that require all cars get 100 miles per gallon? Why not pass laws that say everyone must be nice to each other? Passing useless laws only serves to violate the rights of honest citizens, make law enforcements job harder and waste police resources. Government should not pass laws that will not serve to make us safer. Smart guns are an unproven technology, that is why the military and police departments don't use them. They would add a massive price increase to the cost of firearms. Smart firearms are a dumb idea; that's what the SGT Says.


Nuno M. Cabe├žadas said...

Mike, biometrics systems are now cheap and easy to install, but adding electronics that may prevent a gun from firing may be dangerous. First, the system may not recognize the owner immediatly, if under stess or handling the gun in a rush, when fingers may not be placed as usual. Second, electronics aren't as strong and phisically reliable as the gun itself and may be damaged by falls, impacts, water, etc, rendering the gun useless.
Guns need to be reliable, with as few parts as possible to reduce malfunctions or damages and this excludes electronics.
I still like my old Tokarev TT-33 because have so few parts that don't even have a safety catch. Its amazingly reliable and as guns are made to shoot, why adding extra parts as a safety ;)

Protect_and_Serve said...

This is just one more attempt to tax guns out of innocent hands so we have to cower before the almighty government. It has ZERO to do with safety or fighting crime.

Bunkermeister said...

As far as I know there is no commercially viable "smart" handgun that would be useable for personal defense or police work presently for sale in California.

Even adding a $10 device to an inexpensive handgun is another cost that poor people should not have to pay. If you increase the cost of guns then fewer people will own guns. That is the real goal of this legislation.

Bunkermeister said...

Hey, P&S, send me an email please.