Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Florida Deputies Shooting

Two Florida Deputies were murdered by a National Guard soldier when they attempted to arrest him, at the shooting range, for beating his wife. The deputies used a Taser on him, but he recovered, pulled a gun and shot them both. Two words: danger cues.

Crime of violence, the suspect is suspected of beating his wife.
Knowledge of weapons, suspect is in the National Guard.
Proximity of weapons, suspect is at a shooting range.

This is a dangerous individual wanted for a crime of violence. I don't know the particular circumstances and it is not my intention to criticize the deputies involved. I may have done it exactly as they did with what they knew and what they had available to them at the time.

When faced with a violent suspect, who has knowledge of weapons and proximity to weapons, two officers is not enough. A minimum of four officers should have been used to arrest this suspect and at least two of them should have been armed with long guns, patrol rifle or shotgun. It is not too difficult for a suspect who is skilled, lucky and confrontational to shoot two officers, it is very difficult for that suspect to win when the odds are four to one. The goal is to provide an overwhelming show of force to intimidate him into surrendering because he will know he cannot win a confrontation. To do that an advantage of at least four officers to one suspect is necessary; that's what the SGT Says.

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