Monday, May 11, 2009

Corruption Prevention

"Since 2003, at least 34 officers and civilian employees of the department have been indicted on corruption charges, including ticket fixing, robbery, prostitution, extortion and drug conspiracy."

Hiring good people is one of the key elements of having a clean police department. That means the hiring process must include high standards, a severe drug test regimen, and a complete background investigation. Since drug use and financial irresponsibility are frequent among officers who turn to unethical behavior, the new hire should be squeaky clean in these areas.

Through training is the second element to a good police department, free of corruption. The "Code of Silence" does not exist to hide the very criminal activity officers are sworn to prevent. Good officers know how to the job and how to avoid ethical problems. Proper accountability of seized property, drugs and cash are very important, and the officers need to be trained in ways to insure such items make their way into the evidence locker. Every step of training from the first day in the academy to the final day on field training should be documented.

Good supervision from the top down is critical. The chief on down must exhibit only the highest ethical standards. Policies that forbid bribes, even freebies, should be clear and enforced at all times. Discipline must be swift, fair and severe. Officers who behave in ways that would disqualify them from getting hired should not retain their jobs. Random and annual drug testing, and a financial review, even a periodic update to the background check are additional techniques that can be employed to keep bad cops off the streets; that's what the SGT Says.



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S/Sgt. T. Hanna RCMP/GRC 36739


There is nothing worse in the field of law enforcement than to find out that the person who calls himself your Chief or friend has been subjected to, or has become involved in corruption of various sorts, including favourtism to "certain arrested people", loss of evidence, improper police procedures when handing cases to ensure the matter is dismissed before the courts, and taking "kick-backs or graft". It becomes worse though as the Department's morale starts to falter, officers wonder if they're doing the right thing, "is all of my time and effort" worth while. The why should I bother's become more frequent, and your self respect and dignity start to falter. You start to question your own judgement which can be fatal in certain situations, alchohol may become an issue in your life over the worry of "what will my co-workers" think if I don't want to be "part of the team" that in reality is the PROBLEM.

When you entered into LE you did it out of a sense of pride and wanting to serve your community, and to help effect change in what you saw as the moral decay and "human pollution" surrounding your community. Granted we will never be able to solve all of society's problems, but we must strive to continue on the path to not becoming one of the contributing factors to the problem at hand.

You didn't become a LEO for the money, you did it to make change, to help others, improve life and conditions in and around your neighbourhood. If you only took the job for the money, you have made the biggest mistake of your life as you know we have one of the "middle" of the pay scale jobs, sometimes without benefits or pension plans. Please don't take a look around you and see what others have gotten by ill gotten ways. It is not worth it to YOU, your FAMILY, and your friends.

When you took the oath to serve and protect one of the lines in the oath is " I WILL NEITHER FEAR NOR FAVOR" and by your dereliction of duty to look the other way at a crime being committed, to "accept" that $50 bill that may be folded onto a driver's licence, you are breaking one of law enforcement's oldest standing codes, THE CODE OF HONOR"!!!
To this old LEO this is what the word PIG means to me:




Your honor and your duty is what it all boils down to in the end. In the end if you lose those, you have LOST EVERYTHING!!!

The blog posting below is from a friend of mine who was an Thunder Bay Police officer for many years before finally taking a stand, doing the right thing, and getting his honor back as well as the respect from his family and friends:

"Or there is the more recent case of Andre Lichtenfeld, an upright, honest Canadian policeman who refused to bend to a "two-tiered justice system" (one standard for the amoral Machiavellian elite, one standard for the uninitiated lower classes) and was punished for his character-based refusal of covering up involvement in prostitution by "prominent" people:" ( This appeared in the Canadian press"

And this is Andre's story, in his own words, from a man I respect and admire, more and more as the days pass:

"As a constable, I’ve always thought that treating all persons as equals was a quality that mattered in performing my job as a police officer to the best of my ability.
Approximately 10 years ago (1996) I quickly discovered that there was an implied two tiers of the justice system — one for the common folk and another for those persons of “prominence” who actually thought they were above the law, due to their position of power or stature within society, or social club they belonged to.
Since 1996, my family and I have endured a tremendous amount of stress, sleepless nights and intended public humiliation at the hands of this controlling second tier of society and their “connections,” to ensure this policeman “gets what he deserves” for stepping out of line. (In reality, meaning telling the truth, not hiding the truth)
For more than 15 years, I’ve had to bite my tongue, turn the other cheek as the inconsistencies, unethical actions and corrupt practices of this second tier society ate away at me, nearly destroying my ideas of what a police officer should be, act like and do with the powers vested in him.
On Oct. 11, 2006, I resigned/retired from the Thunder Bay Police Force. Financially, it has been a challenge, however now my family and I are released from the clutches of the so-called prominent and their corrupters. Our lives have been enriched greatly by being a complete family again."

Bunkermeister said...

Police Diver you have made excellent points and I thank you and Andre for your service.