Thursday, May 28, 2009

Death Penalty

A career criminal was executed in South Carolina for the murder of a police officer. With about fifty police murdered in the USA every year there should be an average of fifty criminals executed each year for killing a cop. For the death penalty to work it must be applied consistently and rapidly to those who deserve death.

Suspects who commit first degree murder generally deserve to die. They typically live a criminal lifestyle from an early age and continue until they are killed themselves, or sent to prison forever. In most cases, first degree murder is worthy of the death penalty. It is not right to allow killers to stay alive in prison while their victims lay in the grave.

The other reason they deserve death, is that someone must guard them. Why do we endanger the lives of prison guards, and other prisoners to tend to those who deserve death? Once the death penalty has been given, prisoners should not wait years, even decades to be put to death. They can go on killing guards or other prisoners and not worry about additional punishment. That's not right either, that's what the SGT Says.

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