Sunday, May 17, 2009


An inmate was captured sixteen hours after escaping and was 30 miles away from the jail. That's actually not very far away. Even walking on the sidewalk at two miles per hour he could have gotten that far away. A prisoner who has made an escape has several problems once he gets outside the wall. The first problem is his attire may be distictive and could draw the attention of not only law enforcement but citizens as well. The second problem is a lack of money.

If the prisoner is lucky he is wearing clothing that can pass as regular street clothes. If not he has to steal clothing or take off or modify his clothing so he looks different from a prisoner. No money also means he needs to obtain money and again the quickest way to get it is to steal that too. All of this assumes it is an unplanned escape. Obviously, someone outside waiting in a car, or someone who has stashed clothing and money at a predetermined point outside the fence changes the dynamic.

So when looking for a prisoner, keep in mind how much time as passed. Know they need clothing, so treat reports of stolen laundry, shoplifted clothing in mind as possible clues to the location of your escapee. Know he needs money so a quick small robbery of a convenience store, or even strong arm robbery can also be an indication of your escapees activities. Transportation is also important and so he may try and steal or even carjack someone pretty soon. He may try hitchhiking, but that puts him on the side of the road where police will be looking. He may try public transportation, but that needs money. Knowing what their needs are can help us to find them; that's what the SGT Says.

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