Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Helicopter Escape

Not too long ago I posted a link to an article about criminals who escaped from a jail in Greece by helicopter. Now another one has happened, this time on a French Island. This is something that should never happen. First of all, helicopters should not be this easy to hijack, in this case three suspects armed with a bottle of gasoline and a handgun forced the pilot to fly the helicopter to the prison. What would have happened if the forces him to land at a school and then started shooting kids? Or if they dropped the firebomb on an electrical generating station?

This is an element of air travel that seems to have very poor security. Recently I took a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon and the security seemed rather minimal also. What with the whole world wide War on Islamic Terrorists why are people getting on helicopters without a security screening of some kind?

The next issue is what are the guards doing when all this happens? In the Greek incident the guards were apparently part of the plot and had been bribed to let the prisoner escape. In this instance, why were the guards not shooting at the helicopter? Helicopters are rather large targets compared to a fleeing prisoner. Perhaps prison guards need more training in preventing helicopters from being used as escape tools; that's what the SGT Says.

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