Monday, May 25, 2009

Locked in the Car

Kids in Hot Cars Alert

According to this website about two dozen kids a year die of the heat after being left alone in the car. Temperatures inside a car can get up to as much as 140 degrees, in as little as a few minutes. Some children have died in as little as 40 minutes when locked inside a car.

If you get a child in a car, get there without delay. The paramedics should be dispatched also. When you arrive, look inside the car and insure there actually is a child inside. If the child does not appear to be distressed, then check all the doors and windows, people often forget to lock the car, or maybe a window is down enough that you can reach inside and open the door. If the doors are locked, run the lights and siren for 30 seconds, it will draw peoples attention and perhaps the parent will show up.

The fire department has all kinds of cool tools and getting inside a car will be easy for them. Some police agencies even carry Slim Jim's and officers can open car doors without a key. The main focus is the safety of the child, if the child appears to be in distress, notify your supervisor and break the window to get the child cooled down right away. Get their clothing off, put them in the air conditioning in your unit, pour cool water over them.

When the parents do show up, consider possible prosecution for child endangerment, so get all their information for your report. If they are intoxicated or unable to care for the child or disinterested in the problem, an immediate arrest may be necessary. This is about the life of a child, there are few things more important than that; that's what the SGT Says.

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