Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Bad Video

Highway Patrol-Paramedics Argument Caught On Tape - PoliceLink

The article says the ambulance was taking a sick woman to the hospital and it did not have it's emergency lights or siren on. The highway patrol car came up behind it and had it's emergency lights on, no siren. This happened in Oklahoma. I don't know the law there, but in California, just having your lights on is enough to require other vehicles to move over. Any vehicle displaying lights, police, fire, ambulance should cause any other vehicle to pull to the right of the roadway and stop. So, if this happened in California the police vehicle would have had the right of way. The highway patrol officer claimed the driver of the ambulance flipped him off as he drove by him.

Later, the highway patrol came back, pulled over the ambulance and attempted to write the driver a citation. I am unsure what the alleged violation was, but I don't think I would have stopped him either for failure to yield or for flipping me off. With a patient in the back of the ambulance, the officer should have followed them to the hospital and wrote the ticket there, rather than make the patient wait.

During the stop, one of the men from the ambulance team is told he is under arrest and he brings his fingers up to the face of the officer. This is not a lawful submission to an arrest, which would generally be required. I don't let people poke fingers in my face while on duty, especially after I have told them they are under arrest. Very poor officer safety was demonstrated by several of the highway patrol officers. Very bad tactics. They are standing very close, they are not taking physical control of the person they arrested, and ultimately they let him go. So why were they arresting him?

As I have written many time, assume all you do is on video. These officers did not read my blog and now they are on YouTube. Officers need to remember they should not be thin skinned about people who may flip them off or fail to yield right away. There are a lot of jerks out there and there is nothing served by confronting them all when no actual arrestable offense has happened. While we don't know all that happened, the video is short, not much audio, and it starts well into the traffic stop, the officers don't look good here; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

Never "threaten" to arrest someone. Either arrest them or don't.

*Goddess* said...

Thanks for explaining. I'm wondering what happens when an ambulance running lights and sirens runs across a trooper running lights and sirens!

MARIO said...

I saw that video Sgt a long time ago, and I am thinking seriously about publishin it in my blog. You never let to smebody put his hands over you, it is an assault to a police officer. You have to arrest him and never let him go, because if you touch him and you do nothing, maybe you will commite a crime, and you will pay for it.
Bye Sgt.