Friday, May 15, 2009

No 4 2 1

But Sarge, I work out in the weeds someplace and I can't call three other officers to get one guy. What can I do? Good question. Be careful, don't hurry, make the advantage yours. Stop the suspect at a place and time of your choosing. If you know he is at a gun range, is it best to confront him there or someplace else?

Perhaps you could wait until he returned to his car and as he was driving away you could do a high risk / felony car stop on him? That might be safer than confronting him at the range. You have your car for cover, you have his back facing you. You can give verbal commands on the public address system. You can point your shotguns or patrol rifles at him.

This was an arrest of a known violent suspect for a crime that was not in progress. Capturing him was important. So important that spending a little time and getting it right would be an excellent idea. Too often in police work we feel compelled to rush in and hook the crook and book. That's nice, but sometimes it is a better idea to devise a plan to do it safely; that's what the SGT Says.



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