Friday, May 22, 2009

Shot Don't Shoot

Range training should be done at least every three months and every month is even better. In fact, if I was in charge, the police would shoot a little bit every week. Sometimes just firing a few rounds can be very good training. It is not the number of rounds that is important, it is the context in that they are fired.

One month I had my officers load their duty pistol, and go stand on the firing line. I had a target downrange that was a simple generic silhouette target, about 15 yards away. I told them when I gave them the range command "Go!" that they were to draw their weapon, point it at the target, get a quick sight picture and yell "Police, don't move." I told them to not fire a round, just point the gun and give them a verbal command.

About one out of every twenty fired one round. None of the officers involved had ever been to the range, drawn their weapon, pointed it at the target and not fired their gun. Since in the field officers frequently draw their weapons, but seldom fire, it is a good idea to practice that skill; that's what the SGT Says.


Texas Ghostrider said...

good training. Also draw move to cover while on target. Officers react like they are trained, I know that from experiance. An officer can not get enough training when it comes to their lives........

Bunkermeister said...

Right TG! Most important thing you can do when you draw your gun is step right or left, towards cover if possible.