Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bank Robbery

An armored car guard walked into a bank and shot a robber who was robbing the bank at the time. Armored cars and banks are frequent targets for banks. Our agency has taken a proactive approach and has trained many of our cities bank employees what to do in the event of a robbery.

If a robbery alarm goes off, how do you respond? I like to take the patrol rifle, take cover outside and wait. Once I have officers covering every entrance, then I have dispatch phone the bank. I want the dispatcher to ask the bank manager to tell her if there is a robbery in progress or not, describe himself, and then come outside with his hands in plain view.

Only after I verify the manager is not the robber do I then release the perimeter. I don't want to confront a robber inside the bank. There are too many people inside an open bank to have a gun battle. The safety of the people is more important than the protection of the money. I want to capture the bank robber, but I don't want to get a bank teller shot; that's what the SGT Says.

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