Saturday, June 13, 2009

Drug Wars

Mexican police found eleven bodies stacked inside a stolen American SUV. They had been murdered in drug related gang warfare. The drug wars going on inside Mexico have been getting worse and worse. The criminal activities of these drug cartels have been spilling over into the United States.

One way we can help to diminish these activities is to more aggressive in our enforcement of drug offenses. The money that runs these drug cartels comes from the sales of illegal drugs to Americans. Our people are spending money that goes out of the nation and goes to fund organized crime and even terrorism. These American drug uses are funding the very people who want to destroy our nation. The terrorists are getting the money they need to attack us from us! This is may be the first time in history that a war is financed by the very people who are being attacked.

Write tickets for those who are in possession of even small amounts of marijuana. Take people to jail and prosecute them for even tiny amounts of cocaine, heroin or other illegal drugs. The law enforcement of the United States needs to mount a street level counter-offensive in this drug war and war on terrorism. If the money dries up that we send to the Mexican drug cartels it will be harder for them to operate; that's what the SGT Says.

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