Friday, June 26, 2009

Gun Training Without Guns

What if you don't have a range, can you still do firearms training? Of course. I like the Red Gun. Heavy, same size and approximate weight of the real gun. Practice looking at a target, unsnapping your gun, drawing your weapon, and coming up on target and bringing your trigger finger onto the trigger, while giving a verbal command. "Police, don't move" is always a good one.

Then, scan to your left, center, right, center, look to your rear, then to the center front and finally put the handgun back into your holster and snap it in. Do all that without looking at the gun or the holster, instead look at your target or the area you are scanning. When you scan, move your upper body like a tank turret, pointing the weapon to the left, right, and rear as you look for additional suspects. Most of the time when an officer is killed there are multiple suspects, so scanning before you put the gun away is a good idea.

A fast draw and being able to get up on target quickly is a very important skill. Identifying yourself is very important so the person you are pointing a gun at knows you are the police, it also can help in court. Most shootouts happen very fast, a quick draw gives you more time to aim; that's what the SGT Says.

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