Monday, June 29, 2009

Heat Is On

It is summer and it is hot out there. Take water in your patrol vehicle and drink it during the shift. With body armor and all the other gear it is easy to become dehydrated. Air conditioning is good to help keep you cool but the air it generates is often very dry. Coffee or soda with caffeine is not what you should be drinking. Water is nearly free and has zero calories.

I have had officer keel over due to a lack of water while on duty. Drinking plenty of water will prevent that. If you have officer who are deployed on a perimeter or at a crime scene, make sure water is distributed if the officers are there more than thirty minutes.

At the scene of a traffic collision, officers are out walking on pavement, pushing cars, helping injured, collecting data and can get overheated easily. Take the time to make sure your partners are properly hydrated. If you feel they are not, then have them take a break for a few minutes and tank up on water. If your partner falls over due to heat stroke they are just as much a casualty as a gunshot victim; that's what the SGT Says.

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