Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Challenges

Russia Fears Korea Conflict Could Go Nuclear : Homeland Security News

For eight years America has been fighting the War on Islamic Terror. In some ways this war is winding down and in other parts of the world the war is very much on going. While soldiers are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, the threat of a war in Korea looms in the distance.

If the nation had to fight a large conventional war that had huge manpower requirements, could your agency deal with the problems that would bring? How many of your officers are in the military reserve or National Guard? Could your agency function if they all had to go away for a couple years? Do you have reserves or other manpower to call upon in the event of an extended emergency?

With the world in a flu pandemic, the possibility of a war in Korea, and economic crisis going on worldwide, along with the continuing War on Islamic Terror; agencies could face new challenges in the next couple years. Agencies need to be ready to deploy to combat civil unrest, health disasters, and terror attacks, perhaps with reduced staffing; that's what the SGT Says.

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