Saturday, June 20, 2009

Searching News

Handling prisoners is aways dangerous business. Jailers are zoo keepers for the most dangerous animals in the world. Humans are intelligent, and want to be free, not locked up in jails or prisons. With nothing but time on their hands prisoners will try almost anything to attack a guard or to try and escape.

Every time someone is arrested you need to handcuff them, and search them for weapons. You never know how someone will react to being arrested and otherwise calm rational people will strike out to avoid going to jail. You may also have arrested someone who turns out to be a dangerous person who has a lot more to lose than a few hours in jail on a minor traffic offense.

I handcuff the prisoner first, then search them. That way I have an inherent advantage over their mobility. Handcuffing only takes a moment, but a search can take a while. Searching should be done systematically and the same way every time. The only time I don't search immediately is if I have to move the prisoner, then I control the hands until I can move them to a safe place to search. Each time you take custody of a prisoner from another officer, search them again, that's what the SGT Says.

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