Thursday, July 2, 2009


Bartlett Cop Charged With Threatening Girlfriend - WREG

Booze, Broads and Bills. When I was in the police academy they said that those were the three things that are most likely to end a police officers career early and badly. Officers get so stressed out that they drink too much and get a DUI, or crash their car, or even show up to work drunk. Talk about liability, get into an officer involved shooting with one of the officers intoxicated.

Officers get involved with women who are interested in cops, they cheat on their wives, they date dispatchers or other cops. They get involved in domestic disputes and the cops have to go to the cops house. If you are a plumber, your boss does not care if the cops show up at your house for a domestic violence call. If you are a cop, your chief does care, a lot, and you make likely lose your job.

New officers earn more than they ever did in their lives. They get married, have a couple kids, and a new car, and a jet ski, and a few vacations, and a new car for the wife and eventually their bills are more than the income will sustain. The academy and the field training just don't cover these problems, but a good friend or a good supervisor will; that's what the SGT Says.

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