Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cop Killers & Unions

This is an excellent example of how our police unions have let us down over the years. The surviving cop killer from the Newhall Incident finally died in prison, decades after the event. He was given four death sentences and yet he is dying, probably by suicide, decades after the sentences were passed down. In California our police unions constantly act like unions rather than like police that make up their membership and endorse anti-death penalty candidates.

Why does a union endorse candidates that will not stand up for the very lives of it's members? Isn't a union support to both represent it's members and do what is best for them? They why when it comes to keeping police officers safe do police unions constantly promote political candidate who are opposed to tough law enforcement, favor criminal rights over citizen and police rights, oppose the death penalty for cop killers and oppose deportation of criminal illegal aliens?

Our unions do all this because the union wants us to vote for the party of big government. They want us to vote for liberal Democrats who will constantly raise taxes and increase police pay and benefits, but will in every other way work against the desires of police officers. The Democrats in the California Legislature want to release tens of thousands of prisoners from state prison to save money! How many police do you know who support that plan? Probably none, yet I suspect that when these same legislators come up for re-election our unions will endorse them and their soft on crime agenda. We need to communicate to our unions and tell them we don't want politicians who are simply trying to buy us off while supporting laws that make our streets more dangerous; that's what the SGT Says.

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