Monday, August 10, 2009

Dog Attacks

Dogs are mans best friend. But not every dog is every mans best friend. It is not unusual to respond to a location and have to fend off the homeowners dog. In response to a burglar alarm, the family pet can be a real problem. There are several ways to deal with them to keep both you and the dog safe. The main thing to remember here is I am not talking about some gangsters attack pit bull, just the family dog who is doing his duty while you are trying to do your duty.

Most dogs will defend their territory, that's why they bark at you, they are alerting the other members of their pack that there is an intruder. Most family pets won't do much more than bark at you. If you need to get past Rover to check a property there are many options. The easiest one is to ask the homeowner or Animal Control to round up the dog and let you do your work. Probably not an option most of the time.

Most dogs don't like being sprayed with the hose, use the family garden hose on the dog and frequently they will run away. Most dogs hate pepper spray, mailmen carry it to use against dogs. The pepper spray used against dogs is very similar to that used against humans and your regular OC will usually work just fine. Spray them in the face, mouth, eyes and nose. Most dogs will immediately run off and be all better in twenty minutes. Confrontations don't have to end with you or the dog getting hurt; that's what the SGT Says.


*Goddess* said...

Can dogs be "safely" tased? I'm asking because I read a story recently where a state trooper had to shoot a police dog that was biting, and I wondered why they didn't try tasing the animal first.

Bunkermeister said...

The Taser is designed for use against humans. The have a special one for cattle. I don't know about actually Tasering a dog. Dogs are smaller than people and harder to hit.

However, take the darts off and the electric zapper noise will scare off most dogs.