Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dogs At Home

Dog attacks can also be fought off in other ways too. Most dogs will bite the first thing presented to them. The generally don't care if it is an arm or a leg or your baton. Use your baton as a lance and poke it at the dogs mouth. Let them bite it. Shake the baton once the dog bites down, dogs will respond to the resistance. Keep the dog biting the baton and you can slowly back away and out the gate.

Dogs are programmed to chase. If attacked by a dog, don't run unless you are positive you can get away. You are better off to draw your pepper spray or baton and back slowly away, while facing the dog. Use the OC to drive the dog away. Use your baton to keep the dog from getting too close while you back away.

I have used trash can lids to fend off dogs. Other items commonly found in yards can be used to hold a dog at bay, patio chairs, kids wading pools, brooms and other tools work to keep the dog away from your leg. All the time, speak to the dog. Tell them to "Sit," sometimes they do. These tips are for your encounters with the family dog. Naturally, you don't want to hurt the dog if you can avoid it. Of course if some gangster drug kingpin unleashes his attack pit bulls on you, then the shotgun may be your best option; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

I was chasing a guy once when his huge pit bull ran at me. I yelled "NO" and the dog skidded to a stop. It was so funny to watch I almost lost the suspect from laughing so much. I guess if it hadn't worked I wouldn't be laughing.

Bunkermeister said...

A newspaper, or a fire extinguisher can also work on many dogs. CO2 fire extinguishers create a big cloud and cold. Your FD probably has them.