Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sometimes being ready has nothing to do with having enough guns. Sometimes it is just about having the gear you need to do the job. I have a few little extra things in the gear bag to help get me out of the station.

An extra pair of black socks. Particularly in the summer when I am wearing shorts and a pair of tennis shoes or sandals with white socks or no socks, having that extra pair in my locker has helped me out a few times. An extra set of work keys. At least the minimum to get you through a shift. An extra uniform. Go out in the field and get wet or really dirty or covered with dog hair and that extra uniform is a life saver.

An extra tee shirt. We wear a white tee shirt with the uniform and without one the scratchy vest cover is annoying. The tee shirt can really get soaked though on a hot day and having a spare to change into is a good idea. A few extra dollars in my locker in case I forget to bring cash. A razor in the locker in case I forget to shave. A pair of fingernail clippers in case I break a nail. I hate when that happens; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

One huge plus of working a smaller Department and having a take home car is that if we mess up a uniform, we just run home and change.

Another cheap extra that may come in handy is a dog leash.

*Goddess* said...

Black socks and shorts?! Oooh, you're one of *those* guys. LOL!

Bunkermeister said...

I don't wear a dog leash with my uniform.

I do carry some rope in case I need to tie up a dog.

I live 50 miles from the department so going home is a no.

Bunkermeister said...

White socks and shorts.

Black socks and police uniform, long pants only. White socks with police uniform only if I am wearing boots.

*Goddess* said...

Ahha, ok. I was concerned because I don't know if the Fashion Police extend professional courtesy...lol.

Bunkermeister said...

Freeze, Fashion Police.

Not exactly TJ Hooker.