Thursday, August 6, 2009

Getting Hired

Agencies these days are generally all hurting for money but many are still hiring. So they often make academies smaller or less frequent. Until the day you are actually working on their time, then you need to keep looking. Don't set you mind on one agency over another. While some departments are better than others, police work will be exciting and interesting no matter who hires you. Once you get hired, work until you are off probation and then do a lateral transfer to someplace you think you will like better.

Go to the POST website, they list every POST agency in the state. Then go to their websites and see if they are hiring. Also go to the PORAC website, it is a California police union and often has job openings.

Don't forget nearly every state agency has some kind of police, DMV, ABC, BSIS and they may have openings. The really big agencies are nearly always hiring because their turn over requires a few new folks coming in just to stay even. You can still get hired if you really want it; that's what the SGT Says.


Protect_and_Serve said...

Also check on "foot in the door" jobs such as Reserve, CSO, Corrections, or Communications. Often these jobs hire more frequently than sworn positions. Then when the "real" job opens you have an advantage in the process.

Bunkermeister said...

The agency I work for, nearly everyone started in another position or came in as a lateral.