Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hand It To Me

Years ago I read a training manual about doing law enforcement in Japan. I remember it said to glare into the eyes of the suspect to force your will upon them. I am glad for the cops that there is little violent crime in Japan. While it is true that primates, humans, see direct, staring eye contact as a challenge and a sign of dominance, it is a poor officer safety tactic.

Watch the hands. The hands, or what's in them will kill you. Watch the hands and control the hands. Guns, knives, and the traditional blunt object are deployed by the hands. You must always control the hands, even if you can't always see the hands.

A suspect has his hands in his pockets and he is facing you as you approach. "Police, you, take your hands out of your pockets." So he takes them out of his pockets, and shoots you with the gun in his hand. "Police, you, turn and face away from me. Now, slowly, take your hands out of your pockets." If he takes out a gun while faced away from you, you have the advantage; that's what the SGT Says.

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