Monday, August 31, 2009

Have A Plan

When the big regional, national, worldwide emergency hits, will your family be ready? What is the plan for that? If you are at work, will you go home? If you are at home, will you go to work? Can your family make it without you? Have you even talked about it?

As a reserve officer, I am most likely to be at my regular job or at home. My plan is to stabilize my home life and then go into work. My agency is fifty miles from my home and so it may be difficult, even impossible to get to my agency. I always keep my gear at home so that in the event of an emergency I could even just provide one man mutual aid to my local department.

My family has been given a couple alternative plans depending on where I am, where they are and what we are doing. I have told them if I am at work, I probably can't come home. In the big earthquake, so many bridges would be down I could not get home in days. We have plenty of supplies at the house and a large regional hospital near our home. We have a plan, you need one too; that's what the SGT Says.

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