Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lights On

When entering a room, I want the advantage. I want to be able to see and react faster than the suspect. If I am searching a room looking for what may be an armed suspect, I will probably turn on the lights. A suspect who has been hiding in the dark will have his eyes adjusted to the dark. If I have been in the light or using my flashlight, his night vision is probably better than mine. If I turn on the lights, he has a moment of difficulty seeing.

If I have my flashlight on and sweep the room, he can observe me from the far corner and know exactly where I am and where I am looking. My flashlight will create shadows and leave places that are hard to see, so I may miss something. I is difficult to both walk and search at the same time in the dark. Do I use the flashlight to look for the bad guy, or look where I am walking?

Will I shine the flashlight on my partner or will he shine his on me? We are only making the bad guys job easier if we do that. Most light switches are just inside the opening of the door. You can usually just reach around the door and flick on the light without entering, even while kneeling in the doorway. Lights on for me, that's what the SGT Says.

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