Thursday, August 20, 2009


Sometimes the silent approach is the best approach. When you get a disturbance call at a residence or a burglary at a home, it is best to try and maintain your element of surprise. When you approach the location, watch the addresses so that you don't pass the home and don't park in front of the house. Park a few homes down the block so that the residents can't see you when they look out the front window. Keep the car lights turned off and your radio volume low. Close the patrol car quietly so that you don't alert the residents or burglar that you have arrived.

Keep your handheld radio volume turned down low too. Make sure you don't jingle or jangle when you walk. I like to get quickly onto the sidewalk and even up onto the neighbors lawns. That helps to keep my approach hidden. I like to walk slowly and listen to the sounds coming from the residence.

I approach the location from the side. Look at the side fence or gate and make sure they are closed. I try and get a glimpse into the windows if I can too see a burglar or an arguing couple inside the house. Even standing by the front door for a few seconds or even a minute or two can allow you to gather information about who may be inside the home and what they are doing. It is amazing what people will say to each other when the don't know the cops are there; that's what the SGT Says.

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