Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Traffic enforcement is a very important aspect of law enforcement. About twice as many people die in traffic related events than are murdered. One way to reduce these deaths is to enforce traffic laws. Many traffic collisions are the result of inattention, use of drugs or alcohol, speeding, or failing to obey a traffic sign or signal.

By enforcing traffic laws we give people an opportunity to reflect on their driving or to accumulate enough points to have their driver licenses taken away. There are many ways to conduct traffic enforcement. One is to simply drive around and look for other cars that violate the law, or have equipment violations. This is a good way to find subtle violations that are hard to see from a distance.

Another way is to sit in one place and observe a controlled intersection. Vehicles that run the stop sign or red light are good candidates to stop. You can also sit in one place and work radar or laser. Speeding is a prime cause of accidents and a very good enforcement stop. You can also do checkpoints for DUI, seat belts or child seat usage. The checkpoint is very labor intensive, but is an excellent method for finding people driving under the influence; that's what the SGT Says.

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