Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Point At Targets

When you are investigating a scene where you need to have your gun out, where do you point the gun? For decades I have practiced quick draw. So when I walk around an unfamiliar yard or building I don't feel compelled to have my gun out all the time. I know that in an instant I can whip it out, aim and fire accurately. I also know that if I fall down or stumble I won't have an untended discharge of my firearm.

Sometimes you really do need to have your gun out. In those times you need to control the muzzle. Think about what will happen if you discharge your weapon? Where will the bullet go? How many times have you seen officers walking around searching and they have their weapons pointed into the air? If one of them fell down, would they shoot themselves or their partner in the head?

Point the gun at a dangerous armed suspect, suspect location, or down at the ground. If the dangerous suspect is coming out of the house, point the gun at the suspect. If the armed suspect is standing at the window, point the gun at the window. If you are moving across the lawn, point the gun down at the ground if you have no clear target. Shooting yourself or your partner in the leg is much more survivable than shooting them in the head; that's what the SGT Says.

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