Thursday, February 25, 2010


Memphis won't pay veterinarian bills for woman's dog shot by police » The Commercial Appeal

One of the responding officers had been suspended for cocaine abuse. Cocaine abuse! If you would not hire an officer who is using cocaine, why would you allow an officer to stay on the force after you drug test him and he fails? For cocaine. Why would you give a man a gun and tell him to go on patrol if you know he has recently used cocaine?

Agencies need to do an excellent job of policing themselves or they invite disaster. The people will not vote for money to improve police buildings, vehicles, radio and computer systems if they don't have confidence in their police.

Police unions can be very helpful to insure officers are not harassed by a vindictive supervisor. They are not their members attorneys and should not always stand behind officers who are guilty of misconduct. Officers who are using illegal drugs should not be police. Unions need to look to the benefit of their entire membership, not just individual members. It is bad for all their members to work with officers who are impaired by drugs; that's what the SGT Says.


Ann T. said...

Dear Bunkermeister,
This just gets more and more screwy. If he was the officer that actually shot the dog, you'd think they'd pay just to avoid these questions at the agency.

I think the agency is getting bad legal advice and the dog owner is going to get good legal advice fairly soon. City's going to wish they paid the vet, that's for darn sure.

Thanks for a new head-shaker,
Ann T.

Bunkermeister said...

Hello Ann T.

I heard the Mayor said the city will pay now. Where has he been all this time? Let's hope the bone heads don't screw up and fail to cut the check.