Monday, February 22, 2010

Dog Avoidance

Memphis won't pay veterinarian bills for woman's dog shot by police » The Commercial Appeal

Dogs attack police officers every day. There are so many ways to deal with them without having to shoot the dog. First, inspect the property to see if there is evidence of dogs on the property, droppings, dog toys, dog house, and even dog runs in the lawn. Look for the beware of dog signs and rattle the fence, most dogs will come running when they hear the fence being violated.

I just anticipate that at any home I go to there is a good chance there will be a dog. So, be ready to go into dog avoidance mode. The same pepper spray we use on people works on dogs. The special pepper spray used by mailmen works even better, or at least faster. Spray the dog in the face, eyes, ears, and mouth. Only the most determined police dog will be able to withstand pepper spray. Use your baton as a lance. Poke the dog with the end of the baton. Most dogs will bite the first thing thrust at them. Make it your baton, not your leg.

The Taser is great, that electrical zapping noise scares the crap out of dogs. Take off the dart cartridge and as soon as you know there is a dog on the property, snap that crackle and pop noise for them to listen to. I have known German Shepherds to go hide in the bathroom behind the toilet and tremble at that sound, that's what the SGT Says.

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