Tuesday, February 9, 2010



Police chased a car for over 50 miles, when suddenly the car stops and the suspect starts shooting. Very dangerous to chase people in a car. Cars can contain anything. Guns, drugs, bombs, even more suspects. I know many times I have stopped a car, thinking there was one or two people in the vehicle and find out there were more than that.

Car chases often end very fast. The suspect gets tired, scared, runs out of gas; the car stops, they get out, lay down in the road and go to jail. That's the best case scenario. Sometimes the car falls apart and you have to dodge car bits. Sometimes, maybe even frequently, the bad guy crashes into something and stops.

What may be the worst situation, the bad guys stop and shoot it out with the police. Many agencies have now changed their pursuit policies so that only a couple units follow the suspect vehicle. Then what happens when the vehicle stops and bad guys jump out shooting? A pursuit needs to have enough officers to deal with any pursuit termination scenario, that's what the SGT Says.

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