Monday, March 22, 2010


Counter-Surveillance techniques can be used to prevent suspects from learning about police operations. In light of what is happening in Hemet, here are a few tips. Suspect may try and follow you home, so they can attack you there or attack your family. Vary your route home, watch your rear view mirror, look for vehicles that don't belong driving past your home on your commute. If you suspect someone is following you, drive to a police station or fire station and call 911 before you get there. Get as much of a vehicle and suspect description as you can and make sure a unit stops the vehicle and does good field interview cards on all the people inside the vehicle.

In many states you can have your vehicle license plate information made confidential. Have that done so that people who try and run your license plate can't get your home address. Many officers have as much of their mail as possible sent to a post office box.

If your agency may have been targeted there are several things to consider. Sometimes police officers or police employees may be compromised. Run a check for warrants on all people who enter your police station to do work, all city employees and contractors. Update background checks on all police officers, and police employees. Sometimes gangsters will target women as girlfriends so they will spy on the police for them. Dispatchers, records clerks, file clerks, parking enforcement, and other non-sworn police department may be spying on the police, stealing records and gathering intelligence for their gangster boyfriend.

Check on your parking lot and lobby security. People who don't park in your parking lot don't need to be hanging out there. Respond units and do field interviews of anyone loitering on or near your agency property without visible lawful business. Good camera coverage of your parking lots, both for your personal cars and the police vehicles is essential. The entire exterior of your station should also be covered by cameras. You may miss a bomb being planted, but at least you will have a record of it once it is discovered or exploded. Cameras are cheap and full coverage is necessary; that's what the SGT Says.


James G - Death Valley Magazine said...

Also you should try to act and dress “Greyman” so you don’t stick out as a police officer when off-duty so much. That means loose the tactical clothing, Glock shirts and two wallets

~James G

Bob G. said...


If I ever thought I "grew a tail", I'd take the follower on a "tour" of the city, and pull up at a district house...!
Good advice there.

Ditto for screenings and cameras.
Making the tech work FOR you will save lives...and all the right ones, too.
Very good post.

Bunkermeister said...

Act and dress like a cop only when you are going to be a cop or be surrounded by cops. Looking like a cop in a stop and rob store is not a good idea.

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks James and Bob. Good advice from you both!

Protect_and_Serve said...

Looking like a cop off duty?

Bunkermeister said...

Well, there is that...