Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Cars

Ford says they are going to reveal a brand new police car. They did not ask me what I wanted but here are a few things I think are important in a police car.

We carry a lot of junk in the trunk, a big trunk is very important.
We use a lot of electrical power in a police car, the radio, computer, blinky lights, and so you need a large powerful battery and a good recharging system. I hate coming back to the car after a foot pursuit and finding the battery is dead.
Police cars carry a lot of junk in the passenger compartment. The shotgun, patrol rifle, batons, clipboards, ticket book, maps, coffee cups, computers, radios, spotlights, interior lights, and there better be enough room for two large men to fit inside, the driver officer and his passenger officer. With all that junk, it would be nice if we could still see out of the car and that the two front airbags would deploy. Comfy seats to park your butt in for 12 hours shifts would be good also.
Very good visibility is critical, huge door posts and such are a problem, I also like to see the rear end when I am backing up. Sitting up high enough to see a bit over traffic is nice too.

All this goes without saying that the car must be reliable, get good mileage, be fast and have great acceleration.


Texas Ghostrider said...

These are some very good wants, I am curious how this "new" police car will compare to the new police start up company and their car which will be going into production soon.

As always the end user is never questioned about their wants, needs or desires.

auto said...

Ford's brand new police car will really help the police to catch the another cars easily and it will improve the position of cars of police.

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Protect_and_Serve said...

Good points as usual, Sarge. Until they build a cop car from the ground up, it will always be a compromise with lots of add ons. Even the cage needs to be in the initial design.

Bunkermeister said...

Police cars are our office. We spend all day in them and need to be able to be comfortable and have all our tools ready.

Concord Carpenter said...

Roll bars, no flart tires, bette braking and handling, bullet proof windshield, door and firewall panels would be nice.

Bunkermeister said...

An armored car is a good idea, but officers are still frequently shot outside the car. Still, it would probably save a few every year, and even more who are injured.