Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spray, Beat, or Tase?

Chicago is buying 400 more Tasers for their officers. This is a very good idea. Every uniformed officer should have a Taser or similar device for their use in the field. Back in the old days, LAPD used to give the Taser to a supervisor. If something happened, they had to wait for the supervisor to arrive and hope he brought it out of the car.

Use of force situations are very dynamic and often unfold in only seconds. There is no time to wait for the supervisor to arrive. A suspect tries to take a swing at an officer, prepares to fight and officer, pulls a potential weapon, the officer can't wait for a supervisor to arrive.

The alternative to the electronic immobilization device is typically pepper spray, or the baton. Pepper spray often contaminates others, does not work well in high winds, and a determined suspect can fight through pepper spray. The baton will almost certainly result in injury to the suspect. Bruising will usually result, and broken bones, even death are potential outcomes when officers have to strike a suspect with the baton. The Taser is almost always a better choice, that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

Our PD hedged at getting TASERS (finally got 75, with more on the way), because of ethnic "concerns" in certain parts of the city.

Some likened it to the old water cannons of the 60s-era civil rights days...couldn't be more wrong.

You've got perps out there on God knows WHAT controlled substance who can damn near fight through anything (perhaps even a TASER).

The LEOs need every "edge" they can get to avoid the use of deadly force (final option).
Some cases WILL pre-determine that nothing short of deadly force can be brought to bear.

They also have the X-REP round for shotguns...nice stand-off device that tases the subject for TWENTY seconds (until the officer can get close enough to control the situation and get the person cuffed).

Still, the use of TASERS can cause debate when they are used on someone already under the influence of an unknown substance OR has pre-existing medical condition.

My take...
GET the TASERS...and pursue any and all avenues of less-than-lethal items out there.

It's not like you DON'T have a wide selection to choose from.
And it ensures an officer will be going home for dinner after shift.

Stay safe.

Bunkermeister said...

Good thoughts Bob G.

We need Captain Kirks phaser on stun. One shot, suspect falls over, long range, and no wires, and in ten minutes the suspect is all better. The closest thing we have to that now are the Taser type weapons.