Sunday, March 28, 2010


People who carry weapons often carry a lot of weapons. On duty, I carry three knives, one duty handgun, one backup handgun, one Taser, one baton, OC spray, and a patrol rifle and shotgun in the car. That's a lot of weapons.

When you search a suspect, remember, suspects sometimes carry a lot of weapons too. Like a suspect, I carry most of my weapons on my waistband. The most likely place for a suspect to have weapons on them is the waist. Weapons are easy to access, and they hang well on the belt. But there are other choices too.

Shoulder holster, or an ace bandage can hold a weapon between the body and the arm. An ankle holster can hold guns inside or outside the ankle. A string or chain can hold a knife around the neck, down the front or back. Suspects can put blades inside their mouth, or between their buttocks, or in the groin. Suspects know officers may be reluctant to search those areas. Even a hat band can hide a weapon; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

I learned early on (in another life) that most ANYTHING can (and may) be turned into a weapon, such as a set of keys, pens, a belt, well, you know that drill.
You also know that the right amount of VOA works miracles in a pinch.

The clothing being worn today also reinforces the need to carefully view the suspect, as so much can be hidden in so many folds, creases and sagging shirts and pants.
Hell, some can be packing a desert eagle, and at first glance, you can't even tell.

These civvie days, I only carry a knife, OC spray...oh, AND my car
(reminds me...been wanting to get a CCP this summer)

In MY neighborhood, you might get accosted JUST by mowing the lawn, or walking to your car.
People are that disrespectful.
That's a problem easily remedied, though (if they come onto my property).

Damn fine advice...for everyone...shield or not shield.

Bunkermeister said...

I encourage any responsibe adult to carry a concealed firearm in accordance with their local regualations. OC is a good alternative.