Tuesday, April 6, 2010

70 Officers Killed in Shootout

India: Dozens of police dead after Maoist ambush - CNN.com

Seventy police were killed in a four hour shootout in India today. Seventy police were killed in a four hour shootout in India today. Seventy police. Killed. In a shootout. 70. Can you imagine the effect such an event would have if it happened in the United States? We average fewer police than that feloniously killed in the average year. A years worth of officer deaths in a four hour long shootout.

I look at law enforcement in other nations as a guide to the types of things that could happen here. In India they have had a shootout that lasted four hours. How much ammo do you carry? Can you last in a shootout that lasts four hours? How much ammo do you carry in your car, or even at your station? Does your whole agency have enough ammo to last for a four hour shootout?

Seventy officers were killed, the article did not say how many were injured, but if that many were killed I think another seventy injured is a good estimate. Of those killed, certainly many did not die immediately and probably required treatment. Can your local EMS handle seventy officers wounded in a shootout over a four hour period? The shootout started with landmines being exploded and then small arms fire by Communist rebels. I don't know, but I suspect that many of the dead were killed right away.

There was no mention of how many Communists took part in the attack. At the North Hollywood shootout, LAPD and LA Sheriff and other agencies mobilized over 600 officers, several armored vehicles, aircraft and that was for only two suspects. Seventeen people were wounded in that event before the two suspects were killed. At that rate, a group as small as perhaps, six to ten attackers, focused only on killing officers, could inflict that type of damage on police. Are you ready? Is your agency ready? What are you going to do to get ready; that's what the SGT Says?


Protect_and_Serve said...

Ammo count

On person:

.40 = 45
.380 = 6

In car:

.40 = 105
.22 = 50
.223 = 360
.308 = 60

With one well aimed shot every 5 secounds that wouldn't even last an hour.

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, ammo goes pretty fast and four hours is a very long time.