Monday, April 12, 2010

Break In

Sometimes you have a reason to break into a house. A check the welfare call, and there is someone on the floor of the living room, for example. The first thing is to pound loudly on the door, I use the palm of my hand or even my baton. The baton may leave some marks on the door, but compared to letting someone die on the floor, a few marks are a fair trade off. Ring the bell, knock, ring and make an announcement, "Police, open the door!" Your dispatch may also have the phone number or can get it from the reporting party or reverse phone directory. Dispatch can phone the residence and get someone to open the door. It never hurts to check the top of the door frame, mailbox, and under the mat for a key.

If none of that works, run around the house and try the door knobs, maybe a back door is open, and check for open windows. Naturally, you want the paramedics and fire department on the way. They have all kinds of cool tools that will pry open doors. If you have a person down, you really should not wait very long, if they are not breathing or have major bleeding or a heart attack, you may be able to save them, but you can't wait more than about a minute.

Break open a window in a door, you can hit it with your baton, or large flashlight. Hit it hard and near the center of the window. Reach in and unlock the door. If you have to climb into a window that you broke out, then make sure you break out all the glass, top, sides and bottom. You don't want to cut yourself or have a bit of glass fall on you. Put the welcome mat or other piece of cloth over the bottom edge of the window to protect you while you climb through. Once inside, the first thing you should do is make an announcement and go open the front door for the follow up units and paramedics to use. Then check on your victim; that's what the SGT Says.


Concord Carpenter said...

Hi Sarge,

Good advice,

I've used to carry a few tools with me on patrol to help me out. One of them was a flat pry bar.

Many times you can insert the bar at the knob and bow the door jamb enough to open the door with no damage.... takes less time.

another method is to insert the prybarunder the bottom window sash of a double hung sindoe and pry up. This will "pop" the two screws in the sash lock and you now have a minimally damaged "open" window.

Great blog!

Bunkermeister said...

Thank you CC.

Good tips. I carry a large screwdriver for the same reasons.