Monday, April 19, 2010

Criminal Modifications

Criminals with tinted windows you cant see inside but they can see you! A flashlight even in the daytime can help you see inside. Rather, the best technique is to have the person who stopped the car to roll down all the windows. You can also simply invite the driver and occupants to exit the vehicle so the windows are irrelevant.

Criminals with rear view TV camera with screens that can be seen by the driver, they can see you coming, and you can't see them. Again, you can have the driver and passengers exit the suspect vehicle, order them on your loudspeaker, rather than approach the car, if you suspect there is a camera in the back of the suspect vehicle. Often they are located in the license plate frame or where the trunk lock would be located.

Concealed people in the trunk of the vehicle can pop out while you are talking with the driver. That puts a suspect in front of you and behind you too. The DC sniper modified his vehicle so they could shoot people from inside the vehicle, by laying down inside the trunk of their car. Gang members could also do that and a large SUV would be and excellent choice for this kind of attack. Be careful when approaching cars, that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

I like the idea of evacuating the vehicle...seen it done a few times.
I think it needs to be mandatory!

Personally, I don't think such DARK tint is needed by anyone for any reason.
It's a hidnerance at night.

ANd, it's just a way to keep the police from looking inside, and to not let them know what's being planned (if anything).

Ditto for all this "flash" on cars today. The "neons" are dumb and serve NO purpose.
But criminals ARE smart to a degree.

Back in Columbus, OH, the thugs used to change out the turn signal bulb on the front from amber to white...that alerted other gang members that "mary jane had come to town", or that a fight against rivals was imminent.

And people were puled over and cited for NOT having the PROPER color turn signal bulb in place.

I have to hand it to the CPD for being SO on top of such trends.

Stay safe out there.

Bunkermeister said...

Here in California, window tint can be dark behind the driver's head, but not forward of it.

Thanks Bob G for the good info.