Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Drive Safely

Md. officer dies in crash after cruiser hits tree

An officer was responding to a call for back up and he ran his patrol car into a tree. The officer was killed. The officers who called for back up had one less officer to help them with their problem. In fact, they had a lot less officers to help them because other officers were needed at the scene of a traffic collision.

An officer calling for backup is one of the most important calls for service that we can get. That is why we hurry so much to get there. As important as that call is, you can't help if you can't get there. Watch your speed, particularly on the curves and at intersections. Use your high beams, even you take down lights and spotlights to light the road ahead at nighttime. Wear your seat belt until you are just arriving at the call.

Don't try and save a second or two by driving too fast for conditions, or by trying to read your map while racing down the road. When a neighboring unit gets a call, make sure you know where it is, before he calls for backup. If your next unit gets a call that sounds like it could escalate, start that way before he calls for back up. Even if you simply drive to that side of your beat, just be ready to go if he calls for help. Be ready to roll to back up your partner, and arrive arrive; that's what the SGT Says.

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