Saturday, April 17, 2010


After a number of attacks on police, the city of Hemet, California has declared a state of emergency to deal with security issues. That will allow them to put up fences and take other measures to security their facilities without having to go through the bidding process. This is a great idea, they are under siege and need to fortress up a bit. But, there have been at least four attacks before the precautions. Maybe some of this should have been done sooner.

How is your agency secured? Are there armed officers on duty at the station 24/7? Is there camera coverage of the full exterior and public access areas of your station? What about the parking lots, both where the units park and where the officers have to park? Is the parking secured? Can anyone drive in? Can anyone walk into your parking lot?

Could a car bomb simply drive into your parking lot and blow up the building? Can a terrorist walk into your parking lot and plant a bomb under your personal car? Can a man with a gun walk into your lobby, start shooting and shoot his way into the police station? How secure is your facility? It's an important question in these times of terror; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

The current HQ is an older building and has a direct LOS from an apartemnt complex where a LOT of gun activity goes on.
The HQ was shot at a few times.

It's rather secure, but anyone with some PURPOSE could do some nasty crap there.
The department is going to be relocating further north to a downtown facility.
That will solve a lot more security issues, but does open up OUR part of town (SE side) to other societal problems that haven't been fully addressed to date.

We USED to have outposts, or rather "sub-stations" down here, but they closed shop in the late 1990s.

In Philly, we always had DISTRICT HQs all over the city. ANd we had the MAIN HQ (The Roundhouse down on 4th and Race).

In this city (Fort Wayne) of 250,000+, you'd think we'd do better than a mere "quadrant" system, especially since crime is relegated to specified areas (and has been for a few decades...and growing).

They should be having a smaller "district" allocation of resources and man-power.
The SE is a cauldron of criminal activity...waiting to boil over...and those are on the good days.

But hey, I only live down here...and see and hear a lot more than an 8-hour shift runner.

Stay safe.

Protect_and_Serve said...

Police and police stations have been protected for years by the reluctance of criminals to target them (except for a few obvious exceptions). As society continues to go into the crapper (thanks again liberals) the stigma attched to hurting police officers goes along with it. Unfortunately, it will take a few police stations being bombed before the public catches up with reality and allows the cops to act (and dress) like they are actually in a WAR on crime. Body armor, helmets, armored trucks, and long guns scare the public but they also scare the bad guys.

Bunkermeister said...

Police in smaller district offices is a great idea, cops need to know their areas of work. But they need to be secure.

Bunkermeister said...

Terrorists and now some gangs are actively targeting police stations. That's a new problem to worry about.

Ann T. said...

Dear Protect and Serve, and Bunkermeister,
As a civilian, I think you guys need a change in uniform. As far as I am concerned, riot gear or whatever gives you mobility and protection all the time makes the most sense. It's what I'd want. i think you should have more security at precincts, with some way for the community to still reach you at need.

I hear police all over the nation calling for long guns or rifles. I read about people with AK's at home and wonder why they can have them but you, not. It is war out there, and that means conflict and refugees.

Some of us see that you're outnumbered and under-equipped, need more training time and more ability to access information across jurisdictions. Some of us want you to have what you need and use it well.

P.S. I took some test and I am straight moderate (this by way of a preface). Therefore I don't believe it's all liberals. I think it's a combination of factors. I also think if we tar everyone with the same brush, we will get that brush back. Plenty of idiots to go around, all over the arena.

Just sayin'. I enjoy your comments, (obviously) and,

Thanks Bunkermeister for another informative post!

Ann T.

Bunkermeister said...

Police should be paid a decent middle class wage, and should be carefully screened and trained. They should wear armor and long guns should be in every police car. Lifetime criminals should have to serve their life in prison.

Good people should be allowed any guns they want, even AK-47s. Good people with guns are no threat to the cops. Bad people are a treat to everyone.