Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RIP Chief Gates

Chief Darryl Gates was laid to rest today.

He founded many special units, and they send representatives today.

Under his leadership LAPD started their SWAT teams and assigned women to patrol division to work the streets alongside male officers.

The ceremonies were in downtown Los Angeles, in the shadow of City Hall. The same building that appears on their shield.

He was chief of police for Los Angeles for fourteen years. His influence is still felt today in programs like DARE. Rest in peace, Chief.


Bob G. said...

I come from a time (and place) where people like Chief Gates and (the late) Police Commissioner Rizzo actually made crime in their cities DROP.

They might have not had the best methodologies all the time, but you simply can't deny the facts about crime going DOWN in the cities.

Maybe their tactics were a bit "stiff-armed" for the uber-liberals and fringe groups, but I can say the streets were safer WITH a man like Rizzo running the show than without.

As society changes, the police are supposed to "change" along with it, and I'm kind of torn here.

It's ALWAYS good to be able to ADAPT to changing scenarios and with new technologies meant to AID the officer yet STILL protect the citizens and even the suspects.

On the other hand, when change begins to NEGATE good, old-fashioned POLICING in lieu of "social-sensitivity", I have to draw the line.

Crime never seems to change...that much is fact.
The methods of committal might, but crimes are the exact same as they were when man was wearing animal skins and eating leaves.

As such, crimes are best addressed in the manner that PROTECTS the innocent. PUNISHES the lawless, and MAINTAINS the equality that JUSTICE mandates.
That should NEVER change.

But hey, that's just *my* opinion...I could be wrong.
(but I don't believe so).

Very good post and pictures.

Bunkermeister said...

If you read the Old Testament, written as much as 5,000 years ago, you see crime is the same now as it was then. Murder due to jealousy. Able vs Cain or a headline from yesterday?

Crime is the same. Justice, integrity, bravery are all the same in police work as they were thousands of years ago too.

Bob G. said...

God, we are on the EXACT same page. I mentioned JUST last night to the wife about the "first" murder in the BIble!

If I EVER make it out to the left coast again before I die, I WILL have to seriously have a meet 'n greet!
Likewise, if you ever find yourself near the Ft. Wayne area, my door will ALWAYS be open to 'ya!

Stay safe.

Protect_and_Serve said...

Chief Gates was that last Police Officer to hold that position at the LAPD...from they day he left it has been filled with politicians.

Bob G. said...

(btw, you have been awareded the HONEST SCRAP award - by me..because you deserve it. I like what I read. Makes sense, and this old world can never have enough sense.
(now...'ya have to pass it on along.)

Bunkermeister said...

Well, thanks Bob G. I will cherish it forever.