Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am over 50 and have spend my entire adult life in the US Army, police and private security. As a manager / supervisor most of that time I have worked with security guards as young as 18 and as old at their mid 80's.

One officer who was nearly 70 was just too old to do the job. We were using assault rifles and he had never used long guns before. Despite attending the 24 hour training class, twice, he was just not picking it up. We also did personalized training both before each of the classes and after, using several different instructors. He simply would get flustered and forget the magazine release or safety or how to charge the weapon. I had to tell him that it was not working and that it was time to retire.

He took it with good grace and he said he understood that at some time the time will come for any of use to take off the shield and hang up the gun belt. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do in my career. He had made tremendous contributions to the organization and was well liked. For his last couple years, most of us were aware of his decline and were going the extra mile to help him out. Despite his diminishing performance we all believed him an asset rather than a liability. When he got to where he could not longer employ his weapons, be knew it was time for him to go, it was just unsafe for him and us.

We all liked him and respected that he was able to accept our advice to retire. Eventually, it will just be time to go do something less demanding. Something that does not get people hurt if you make a mistake; that's what the SGT Says.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Being Illegal is, Well, Illegal

Obama Administration's border fence scam exposed by investigative report

While tens of thousands of illegal aliens continue to pour across the border, the Federal government does very little that is effective to stop them. Just by showing up in the USA, they are committing a crime. Just like the trespasser or burglar that shows up in your home, uninvited at three in the morning. You don't care what race the person is, you don't care about how bad their home life is, you don't care where they came from, you just don't want him in your house.

Boeing and the Federal government have been working for years on a virtual fence of the US / Mexico border. It will have sensors and radars and such. I don't know about you, but the presence of a sensor or a radar has never prevented me from entering a backyard. A good strong, high fence has kept me out a few times. That's what we need along the border.

Illegal aliens come here and they don't have drivers licenses, but they drive anyway. Studies show that people without drivers licenses have more traffic collisions. They don't have car insurance, so when they crash, other people have to pay for the damages. Illegal aliens, by definition, don't have respect for American laws, so many of them commit crimes here. Arizona has passed a law that will give local law enforcement the authority to check on the legal residency status of suspects they contact. This should be standard practice everywhere in the United States. There are almost a million police here in the USA. If there are in fact, 20 million illegal aliens in the US, then if we each locate one a month, we can get rid of all of them in two years; that's what the SGT Says.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Public Support

West Memphis Outraged Over Cop Shooting Deaths - CBS News

Officers are killed in the United States nearly every week. This is the kind of headline you want to read after it happens. A town is outraged after the officers are killed. Doing good police work day in and day out in a professional manner will pay off in the long run. Officers who are fair and reasonable, honorable and ethical will be backed up by their citizens. Everyday we deal with the worst in society or with good people on the worst day of their lives. We sometimes forget that most people out there are good guys too; they are on our side.

West Memphis officers are dead, but the community is there to support the remainder. Some communities law enforcement officers are not so lucky. It takes work to get that kind of public support. When you write a ticket, sell the ticket. Tell the violator why what they did is unsafe, or illegal. Advise them how to go to traffic school, or go to court. It's your job to write the tickets, but go the extra mile, be polite and let the violator know it's not personal.

When you make an arrest, treat the suspect with dignity and respect. Don't use unnecessary force, or get that extra hit on the resisting suspect who has been subdued. Talk to the witnesses and thank them for being good citizens who call to report a suspicious person, or a criminal act. Talk to the children at public events, smile at people and wave back when they wave at you. Someday the worst will happen to your agency, and it's good to know the public supports you; that's what the SGT Says.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Lone Ranger Does Not Work Here Anymore

There is a social contract in effect between police and the public. Police will respond to any kind of emergency, no matter how dangerous, and in exchange will be given the right to detain or arrest suspects and use force, even deadly force to protect themselves and others. The State of New York wants to amend that social contract in a manner that is dangerous to society and potentially deadly to officers. They want to place the lives and safety of dangerous criminals above the life and safety of first responders. They want to pass a bill that will require the impossible. They want officers to avoid killing suspects by shooting to wound them, rather than shooting to kill them. As a practical matter, we don't shoot to kill now, we shoot to stop. Once the suspect stops resisting, we stop shooting and then we even perform first aid on them. We shoot center of mass, not to kill, but because in the stress of a gun fight it is difficult to hit the suspect at all, and center of mass is the largest target.

I am opposed to police strikes for more money, better benefits or more job security. If a law like this passes, all the police in New York should walk off the job until it is repealed. They can let the National Guard protect the citizens. This bill is insanity. It is not workable. It will endanger the lives of police for no good reason. It is one step away from removing guns from the police altogether.

Someday there will be a technological solution to this problem. A wireless Taser with a range of 200 yards, the suspect is rendered safe and is not injured. That day is not here and may not arrive for fifty years or more. Until that day police need to shoot center of mass to get the suspect to stop his deadly attack immediately. Anything less endangers officers and the public; that's what the SGT Says.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You Just Had A Fender-Bender, Now What?

You just had a fender bender. Now what? Fender bender, on duty, in the patrol car. Your responsibility just got bigger than a regular crash. First thing to do is stop the patrol car in a safe place. That may be in the middle of the street, it may be along the curb. Next, notify Dispatch, tell them you have been involved in a traffic collision and request a back up and a supervisor. Let them know of any injuries that are apparent and request paramedics if necessary. In an officer involved incident, I would like both the occupants of the other vehicle and the officer to be checked by paramedics. This will help with any Workers Compensation case and any lawsuits against the agency.

Before you get out of your car, activate your emergency lights. It will be a beacon for the responding back up officers, paramedics and supervisor. You want a back up officer so that the statements made by the other driver will be witnessed by someone other than yourself. You also may need protection if they attack you or if you are incapacitated by the collision. You may want to avoid speaking about the collision until you speak to your union representative or lawyer.

The most important thing is to report the collision, help the injured, and get the traffic moving safely again. Officers drive a lot and so they have a high probably of being involved in a crash. Officers get into trouble when they try and cover up a collision. Take a couple days off for going too fast for conditions, it's better than getting fired for an ethical violation; that's what the SGT Says.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sovereign Criminals

Timeline of the West Memphis shootings » The Commercial Appeal

The two men who murdered two police officers in West Memphis are apparently some kind of anti-government rebels. For at least forty years there have been people who are claiming they are sovereign and independent of the authority of the Federal Government. Sometimes they are part of various racial hate groups and sometimes they stockpile weapons and turn violent.

People who form these kinds of groups generally support themselves by a variety of white collar criminal activity. They scam mortgage holders, they don't support the banking system and so they look at financial crimes as no crime at all. They often commit other kinds of bank scams, claiming that the money is not valid because it is not backed by gold, so crimes against banks are not actual crimes.

When confronting suspects in this type of situation, keep in mind that while they generally commit non-violent white collar crime, they are frequently armed. They often have connections to militia movements and other fringe elements. If you have to serve a warrant on them or if you contact them during a traffic stop, use extreme caution; that's what the SGT Says.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guard Licenses
So far this year, 65 private security officers have been arrested for various crimes, burglary on duty, rape and robbery. There are a couple million security guards in the US and one getting arrested every few days is not a very big percentage. The problem is, that private security guards need to be morally above reproach. They need to be performing their duties properly and not performing crimes.
Each state should license private security guards to insure they have no criminal history and meet minimum standards, including a minimal credit check. Just like states license other professions, like doctors, nurses, and even drivers. Guards should have a minimum amount of training, to include first aid, CPR, and report writing and state law. Their employers should notify the state of the names of their employees in a timely manner.
Guards need to have their licenses renewed at least every two years. The state should conduct an updated background check to insure the officer has not become a criminal in that time. Guards that are arrested should have their license suspended and their employer notified. Most guards don't need to meet the standards or training of police, but they should meet a minimum standard of professionalism; that's what the SGT Says.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gate Work

Working a gate is not just for private security guards. Police work gates too, and even street cops can be assigned to control access at a crime scene, major incident or public event. The key is to let the people in with the least amount of hassle for those who belong and keep out those who should not be there. There are a number of things that can make that an easier task.

Wear comfortable shoes. Standing in one place for a long period of time is very hard on the feet, knees and hips. Good shoes are a must. Wear sole inserts and change them at least monthly. Event tethered to a gate, you can still walk around a bit, and sit down when you can. Changing your position helps to keep you limber and alert. Drink fluids, even standing around can get you dehydrated.

Stand on a rubber mat, you can get them at Wal Mart for yourself if you need to, it will make a big difference from standing on concrete or asphalt. Carpet, grass, dirt are all better surfaces to stand on than just concrete. Have a flashlight, even in the daytime it can help you inspect packages and look under vehicles. Maintain communications, check in with your dispatch at least every hour, and every thirty minutes is even better. Keep a log of your activities, especially anyone you turn away, a good vehicle and driver description can be important later. It may turn out to be a suspect, and it shows that you are doing your job by refusing entry to unauthorized persons; that's what the SGT Says.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gate Work

There are few things more boring than working at a gate to control access. At McGill Air Force Base a man tried to crash the gate and ended up dead for his trouble, shot by the guards. Working a gate is not unlike working traffic enforcement. You often contact many people in their cars and usually nothing bad happens. That can breed complacency.

When working a gate, the officer is at a great disadvantage. The offender is initiating the contact, not the officer. So if the officer is feeling tired, stressed, or distracted, he has to deal with the subject. The offender will know where the officer is located, because the officer will be at the gate, often inside a tiny toll booth type structure. These little buildings almost never offer any ballistic protection, and lighting can be less than ideal.

The officer should initiate the contact in a friendly and helpful manner. All the while observing the driver, his face, his hands, his vehicle interior. Is he intoxicated, is he armed, is he alone in the vehicle? Don't stand directly in front of or behind the vehicle. If you need a license plate, stand to one side and write down the information. Don't carry more than necessary to log in the vehicle, you want to be able to reach your gun quickly, if needed; that's what the SGT Says.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Armored Car

We don't think twice when the military wants to spend a hundred thousand dollars on an armored car. This ex-military vehicle is and ex-Los Angeles Police vehicle, now in a local museum.

Why should be be shocked when a police agency wants to spend a similar amount of money on a police vehicle?

This year has seen a spike in officer on duty deaths. An armored vehicle may have prevented some of those deaths. I am not advocating driving around in a V-100 Armored car. I am saying that having the front of the car and the two front doors armored is probably a very good idea; that's what the SGT Says.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coordination of Responding Units

West Memphis Police Officers Shot; Bridges Closed;cops shot - WREG

Several officers in West Memphis, Arkansas have been shot, perhaps even killed today. May God grant peace and comfort to the families and loved ones of those who have fallen and those who survive with wounds, both mental and physical. They were engaged in the same routine activities that uniformed officers do every day and now at least one of them will not be going home tonight.

Watch the video of officers responding to the scene of the incident. Think about how this could have been done better. Many of the officers are wearing body armor as they run through the parking lot. It's good that they are wearing their armor. The problem is, they are not wearing any apparent police markings on their clothing. I keep a raid jacket in my trunk with stenciled badge on the front and a big POLICE on the back.

Some officers are running, some are walking and others just seem to be wandering around. Once a moderate number of officers arrive, any officer must take charge of the responding units. Direct traffic, block off roads, make the units park in certain locations, keep a traffic lane open for EMS if someone gets hurt and needs medical treatment or evacuation. Officers are running with guns in their hands. Are their fingers off the trigger? Are they ready to engage, do they even know where they are going? Coordination is important, and you don't have to be a supervisor to do it; that's what the SGT Says.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Car Shopping

Some agencies are worried about the demise of the Crown Victoria. I am not worried at all about it going away. The Crown Vic is a good police car. It is not a great police car. Ford Motor Company is trying to replace the Crown Victoria as a police car with a version of the Ford Taurus. The Crown Victoria is a very large, full sized American car. I like the huge trunk, the massive passenger compartment, the big crush space in the front. It rides well, and is big enough to carry all the radio gear, computers, shotgun, patrol rifle and other stuff. The downside is that it gets poor gas mileage, is so large that it is hard to weave in and out of traffic or drive on narrow winding roads.

Dodge Chargers are a good replacement for the Crown Vic. They handle really well, they are very quick to accelerate and are pretty fast. They are too low and too small. At over six feet tall and over 250 pounds, it is very difficult to fit inside the car and get in and out quickly. I certainly find it hard to stuff a big prisoner into the back of the car.

Carbon Motors is now starting to enter the police car market. A new vehicle and new company are a bit of a risk for an agency that may only buy a few cars per year. Can you get the customer service out in the middle of no where for two units? Maybe, I hope so. Police cars need to have a large interior volume for two large officers, they need to have quick acceleration, and a high top speed. They should handle very well, and have a very large electrical system and a big truck to hold all the stuff. I my opinion, the front of the vehicle and the two front doors should be bullet proof too; that's what the SGT Says.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog Information

This blog is short so that even if you are busy you can read it every day. It is designed for both public and private law enforcement. It is intended that the new recruit, the officer, supervisor and manager can all take some benefit from what I write here.

Often you know much of what I write about, that's okay, because we all need a little reminder, a little refresher now and again. This blog is perfect to read when applying for a job in law enforcement to give you insight on how police think. It is a good resource for rookies to get a little inside information. This is also a good blog to read at roll call every day at the start of the shift.

Others have helped me, and this is my way of giving something back. Each of us owe a debt to those trainers, FTO's and brother officers who helped us learn how to do our jobs, more safely, and more effectively. My goal is for us to go home at the end of the shift, having made a difference in the communities we serve; that's what the SGT Says.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Non-Ambush Attack

Sudden attacks from hidden suspects may be termed a form of ambush, but I consider them differently. In these instances the suspect has the goal of escape from being taken into custody, either by being able to resist apprehension or by suicide by cop. The suspect often hides in a closet or on a low threat encounter suddenly escalates to deadly force without apparent indications that this is likely to be a deadly force incident.

A car stop for a minor traffic violation, such as expired registration. The driver suddenly jumps out of the car and begins shooting. The driver knows he is a wanted criminal for murder or robbery, but to the officer making the traffic stop, it is a simple citation. In this instance, the suspects goal is not to murder police, his goal is to escape apprehension.

The tactic he has employed is sudden and unexpected violence that is likely to end in the murder of a police officer, but that in incidental to the suspects goal of escape. Even if the suspect shoots a down officer additional times to insure the death of the officer, the goal of the suspect is escape, the murder of the officer is done to facilitate that goal, not because he has the goal of killing police. Shooting to escape is not an ambush; that's what the SGT Says.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


How can we avoid being the victims of an ambush, when they are seemly random events? Expect an ambush when a call just does not seem right, listen to that little voice in your head that says something does not feel right. Look for suspects in trees, rooftops, windows were a sniper could hide and ambush you.

Don't rush in, gain a tactical advantage and then move toward the call. Unless there is an immediate danger to life, you seldom have to rush in right now. Be on yellow alert at all times in uniform and orange when on calls. Don't pre- judge the call as simple, safe, or easy before you arrive and check it out. My partner and I handled a burglary from motor vehicle report call this weekend. Cold crime, just go take a report. Despite that, we knocked and stood on either side of the door as we waited for the reporting party. Ready for an assault, even on a routine call.

Take the road less traveled. Make a silent and indirect approach. Approach from two sides, walk in the shadows, in the bushes, come around back. Observe from a distance. Park where the car cannot be seen. Know that an ambush can happen anywhere. I stopped for lunch, parked the car, got out and then scanned the parking lot, before I went inside the restaurant. Counter ambush, make it a way of life when on duty; that's what the SGT Says.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I read a lot in the news recently about police being "ambushed" by suspects. I think that we need to define our terms and analyze police shootings so that we can learn from what happened. To my mind, a suspect should be said to ambush police if he lays in wait for the specific purpose of attacking and murdering one or more police officers. The suspect will either lay in wait at a location known to be frequented by police or will lure police to his location.

In a ambush the sole objective is to murder police. There is no robbery, it is not part of a plan to escape police custody, or perform other criminal acts. The goal is murder of police officers. In the United States ambush of police has historically been a very rare occurrence. In the past, some officers have been ambushed because they were targeted as specific individual; the suspect disliked him personally, or was trying to prevent that specific officer from testifying against him.

In recent years, the ambush has taken on a more sinister role. Criminals are trying to murder police, any police and are luring them to locations where they can be killed or are going to places were police are located so they can kill them. We have seen this several times in the last couple years, including the murder of four officers at one time in Washington. This random violence is new in the US and is a very disturbing trend in law enforcement. It is a good reminder that we need to be ready to repel an attack, any time and any where; that's what the SGT Says.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Officer Down

An officer serving a warrant in Georgia was shot and killed. His partner was wounded and the suspect was shot and killed too. The murdered officer was hit below the body armor. The officers entered the location and the suspect shot through a closet and murdered an officer. My prayers go out to for the officer, his family and his agency.

There are several tactics that could have been used to prevent this type of situation happening again. When performing a warrant, you can expect trouble. When you expect trouble, you need to prepare for trouble. Wearing a vest in an excellent idea. The lead officers could wear tactical vests, extra coverage and better protection. The lead in officers could carry ballistic shields and wear ballistic helmets. Gaining control of the occupants of an apartment is the first step in serving an arrest warrant or search warrant.

Another tactic that could be helpful is to back off and turn this from a warrant service, into a barricaded suspect situation. A suspect hiding in a closet is very dangerous. You can't be sure if he has a gun, or even a gun and a hostage. It may be better to perform a tactical retreat, surround the premises and wait him out. Whenever and officer is killed or injured, we need to try and learn from that situation; that's what the SGT Says.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Have you spoken to your family about the possibility that you may face a deadly force incident? Your family must be prepared, just as you need to be prepared. The public scrutiny can create significant stress on the family. The news media, TV, radio, and print can all create a feeling of being under siege.

The family needs to know that they are the most important part of your life. They need to know how to respond to the media, that they should generally not speak to the media. They need to avoid making faces at them, flipping them off, or yelling at them. That is what the media will show on the six o'clock news.

Your family should only make statements about their reactions to the incident to people that have a legitimate reason to know. Their clergy, your lawyers, and you. They need to have a general idea of the reasons you would use deadly force and that you had to use it to save yourself or someone else; that's what the SGT Says.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Information Security

Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets - CBS Evening News - CBS News

Did you know that a digital photocopier is a computer scanner? It scans the document and then stores it in the memory and then prints that stored memory. The memory of that document is then kept in the memory of the photocopier. Often, forever. At least, that's the best case scenario.

If your agency leases or rents a digital photocopier, then the service technician has access to every document every printed on that machine. So when the technician comes out to add toner and clean the machine, what is to stop him from replacing the memory chip? What is to stop him from downloading all the data that you have photocopied in the last week or month or year?

Drivers licenses, crime reports, suspect information, victim information, and officers personal information is all kept on that memory chip. What happens when your agency gets a new photocopier and disposes of the old one? Is it resold to others who can access that information? Is it cleaned first so the data is destroyed? Or did you never even think about that? Information security is important because knowledge is power; that's what the SGT Says.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Former MPD Cop Indicted For Rape - WREG

A cop has been indicted for rape while on duty. He went behind the station and raped some woman, they say. This type of behavior makes us all look bad. There are plenty of women out there without having to rape one, if all you want to do is have sex.

How did this officer get through his initial psychological evaluation? Was the background check complete? Did a detective speak to his wife and his girlfriends? Did they all say he was a good guy, or did they all say he was a creep? How did his field training go? Did he hit on women or treat them badly when he was working?

How has this officer behaved since he was on duty? Does his agency do an annual re-check of his background? Has he had citizen or co-worker complaints about his behavior? How often does his supervisor check on him? Do his supervisors check on him at random intervals, even when working late at night or on weekends? Bad things sometimes happen at police departments. There are many ways to prevent these problems and to minimize their frequency. Proper screening, training and supervision will reduce these problems; that's what the SGT Says.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Telephone technology has been used by citizens to request calls for service for over a hundred years. We need to update the manner in which we communicate with our citizens. Your dispatch center should monitor the Internet. They accept phone calls, but they should accept instant messages and email and text messages too. Is someone is in trouble, they should be able to email the police and get a response.

Kids today text one another all the time, while doing almost everything. Many cell phones allow people to access the Internet and billions of messages are passed by web browsers every day in America. Having an Internet mailbox for the general public can allow the public to request calls for service, ask questions, give crime tips and otherwise communicate with their police.

While dialing 911 is still probably the best method for people to communicate emergencies, officers, supervisors and dispatchers should be able to respond in other formats as well. The Agency website could have a menu for citizens to pick from: emergencies, questions, crime tips, and so on. The email message could then be routed to the proper person to receive and respond to the inquiry. There should also be an ability for Dispatchers to receive Instant Messages too, so they can communicate in real time. Of course, their will be crank calls, and yes it will increase our work load, just like it did when we installed the first telephones; that's what the SGT Says.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Police Cars

A marked patrol vehicle should be well marked. Here in California the cars are generally painted black and white. The roof and doors are white and the trunk, hood and four fenders are black, like a saddle shoe. This is a very distinctive marking scheme and it is widely shown on television as a police vehicle. There are a lot of vehicles out there that look like police cars and so the real police vehicles need to look like cop cars.

The name of the agency should be on the rear, both sides and the roof. There should be a distinctive unit number on both sides, rear and roof. The roof information is great for helicopters and people in high buildings. The words POLICE or SHERIFF should be in large easy to read letters on the sides and rear of the vehicle. Those words need to be easy to read, and reflective so they can been seen at night, in low light.

Police vehicles should display at least two methods for contacting the police. Most simply need a 911 sticker of some kind on the vehicle, they should be on both sides and the rear. If your agency does not use 911, then they should post the phone number. The other thing your units need is an email address or a website where they can find out information about your agency. Your car is a form of communication to your community, use it well, that's what the SGT Says.

Saturday, May 8, 2010



The National Association of Gun Rights posted a story from Georgia about a student who saved ten people with his handgun. They were celebrating a birthday party when two armed men came into the party and robbed everyone. They divided up the men and women and one of the criminals was attempting to rape one of the women. The student grabbed his own gun and shot at one of the criminals who fled. The student confronted the attempted rapist and in an exchange of gunfire, killed him.

The armed citizen should be the first line of defense against violent crime. Here we have an innocent group of college kids having a birthday party and two criminals rob them, threaten them, try and rape one of them, perhaps even intending to murder them all, and they are saved by a civilian with a gun. Had he called 911 what is the likely scenario? The suspects shoot everyone when they think the cops are coming? They take hostages and kill a couple before the SWAT team gets them? They rape all the women over a period of two days while the police negotiate with them? The police have a shooting on the lawn and perhaps kill both suspects with one officer hit?

I encourage responsible gun ownership. Guns should be stored safely, and kept out of the hands of little kids. Small children should be taught about guns so they don't become curious on their own and shot themselves by accident. Citizens should take classes on gun safety, use of force, and become proficient in the firearms of their choice. They should attend the range to stay up on their skills. Armed citizens should not go looking for trouble. They need to call 911 on most criminal acts they see, but in some cases, using their own gun is the best option; that's what the SGT Says.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Don't Go It Alone

A pair of armed men carjacked an SUV. A while later, police discovered the vehicle and began a manhunt. The police called in canines and SWAT. Eventually an officer came upon the two suspects, who murdered him. The suspects then split up and one was captured without injury. The second one confronted an officer, and after beating him severely, the officer shot and killed the second suspect. This is a terrible incident and my prayers go out to the family of the slain officer.

There are several learning points we can take from this incident. They were looking for two armed suspects. Apparently this agency fields many one officer units. If you are looking for two suspects, the officers should at least try and match them in numbers. Set up a field command post, combine your one officer units into two officer units. Park the extra patrol cars in the same place, in the command post area. Keep the keys handy at the command post. If the cars are all together, then it is easier to watch them so they are not stolen or vandalized.

This way, if an officer confronts a suspect, he has at least one partner with him. Even supervisors should team up with line officers. Pull your detectives and other officers who don't normally work the field. Make certain those officers are wearing at least a raid jacket and of course their body armor. Flood the area with officers so that it will be difficult for the suspect to move undetected. Remember you are not just looking for two guy, you are looking for two armed and dangerous suspects' that's what the SGT Says.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


How many officers in your agency are overweight? How many die of stress and heart attack and could never fight a suspect for very long? I hate to exercise. When we were in the academy we were punished with exercise.

Get down and give me twenty! Run around the academy if someone makes a mistake, all the while the staff yelled at us. It made exercise synonymous with punishment; negative reinforcement.

I am all for a stress academy. Yelling and running around on the "grinder' is fine. When cadets are in the classroom and when performing physical exercise to get you into shape they should put you in a frame of mind to learn and to enjoy exercise. Swimming is great physical exercise lifting weights makes you strong. Why don't the academies teach us to swim, teach us to bike ride, both are skills valuable to officers and are excellent excercise. Teach us to run and shoot like in the Olympics. Excercising properly is a skill that needs to be taught. Officers need to want to stay in shape, because they want to do the exercise. The academy is the place for us to learn that; that's what the SGT Says.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Officers Die in the Line of Duty

Honoring Officers Killed in the Year 2010

Automobile accident,
Vehicular assault,
Struck by vehicle,
Heart attack,
Motorcycle accident,
Accidental gunfire,
Vehicle pursuit,
Struck by train,

These are the incident types that have resulted in 59 sworn officers killed in the line of duty so far this year in the United States. While I work in a small city, every one of these could happen in the town I work in. I suspect they could happen in the town you work in too.

There are a few instances that have not appeared this year. There are no aircraft crashes, no bomb explosions, no drownings and no animal attacks. Just about every year these type of incidents take the lives of our fellow officers too. If you work with an air unit, don't let them scrimp on aircraft maintenance. Don't fly if it is unsafe to go into the air. I am okay with taking a resonable risk to save another life, but not just to fly patrol.

If you doubt a package is safe, if you think it is a bomb or anthrax, then call then evacuate and call the bomb squad or hazardous materials team. It is better to check a hundred empty boxes than to have one blow you up. Learn how to swim. A river, stream, pond, or swimming pool can kill you if you fall in and don't know how to swim. Even a rather shallow pond can be deadly; I think officers should be taught to swim in the academy. Don't confront dangerous animals, shoot them rather than risk injury to yourself. One swat from a bear paw can render you unconscious or even kill you. Wear your vest, wear your seatbelt, learn CPR, my goal for the rest of the year is no more on duty deaths; that's what the SGT Says.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lone Gunman

1 Detroit Police Officer Killed, 4 Wounded in Shooting - AOL News

At nearly four in the morning the police got a call of shots fired at a vacant house. Officers responded and deployed to the front and rear. One officer was killed by gunfire from inside the house and four others were injured. The suspect was wounded and taken into custody.

Shots fired at a vacant house is a very dangerous call. There are several advantages that responding officers have that they need to remember. First, deploy your officers on the radio while you respond. If you have a tactical channel on your radios, then use that for all responders. The building should be visually surrounded, that is you need to be able to see all four sides, but not necessarily have officers on all four sides, on the corner where you can see the side and not have officers in a crossfire.

This is definitely the time to deploy the patrol rifle or at least the shotgun. You need to have every advantage in the confrontation and having more firepower is better than having less. Since the building is vacant and you don't have a known victim, there is not reason to rush inside. Set up a perimeter. Evacuate the civilians that are potentially in the line of fire. If you have confirmed there is a gunman holed up in the building, call for the SWAT team. Then wait for them to arrive; that's what the SGT Says.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Terror Is Here

Do you know what this is? It is a trash truck rocket launcher. The bed tilts up like a dump truck. The missiles go into the holes under the bed. Point the truck in the direction of the target and then launch the missiles. Notice how big the holes are. That's a pretty big missile. The Israeli's got this one. But perhaps the next one will be on your street.

We had a terror attack on a plane recently, and then a terror attack in Times Square and a shooter on an Army base in Texas. We have had a series of attacks on Hemet Police Department, here in California, using bombs and booby traps. Cops along the southern border are being killed and wounded in narco-terror attacks. Terrorism is here in the USA. Some, like the Hemet attacks are probably domestic. Some, like the Army base attack was radical Islam. No one knows who did the New York City, Times Square attack yet.

There is no longer time to prepare for terrorism on United States soil. You better be ready now. It's happening now. It's happening every week. Domestic, Mexican, radical Muslims are all out to get cops and innocent civilians to create terror. We need to be ready now. It's happening now. Learn the new threats. Look for them. Then Times Square attack was detected by a tee shirt vendor who reported it to a horse mounted cop. He knew what to do, do you? It's here, and it may be on your beat next; that's what the SGT Says.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jetson Police

The Defense Department has contracted for a company to develop flying SUVs. This would be the ultimate police car. Imagine a call for service, a 911 call of a prowler in the back yard of a home. At rush hour. You hope in your flying police car and you arrive in only a minute or two. You prepare to park in the front, but you flyover the location.

While you look over the back yard, you see the suspect running from house to house. Rather than land, you simply follow him in your flying police car. You fly a bit ahead of him, set down your flying police car and intercept him on foot.

Unlike a police helicopter, you can land easily and make an apprehension. Unlike a ground vehicle, you can fly overhead and use the speed of a flying vehicle and the utility of flying over traffic so you can get places quickly, even at rush hour. As our cities become filled with gridlock. As our governments run out of money to build more roads, bridges and infrastructure, a police vehicle that flies and can avoid all those problems is essential.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Bruce Ross is riding in the Police Unity Ride. The proceeds go to the NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS MEMORIAL in Washington D.C.

We lose about a officer a week here in the USA. Accidents take about half and criminals take the other half. Wear your seatbelt and wear your body armor. Maybe we can cut that number down a bit, that's what the SGT Says.