Monday, May 24, 2010

Guard Licenses
So far this year, 65 private security officers have been arrested for various crimes, burglary on duty, rape and robbery. There are a couple million security guards in the US and one getting arrested every few days is not a very big percentage. The problem is, that private security guards need to be morally above reproach. They need to be performing their duties properly and not performing crimes.
Each state should license private security guards to insure they have no criminal history and meet minimum standards, including a minimal credit check. Just like states license other professions, like doctors, nurses, and even drivers. Guards should have a minimum amount of training, to include first aid, CPR, and report writing and state law. Their employers should notify the state of the names of their employees in a timely manner.
Guards need to have their licenses renewed at least every two years. The state should conduct an updated background check to insure the officer has not become a criminal in that time. Guards that are arrested should have their license suspended and their employer notified. Most guards don't need to meet the standards or training of police, but they should meet a minimum standard of professionalism; that's what the SGT Says.



Actually sir, you mis-quoted the information from Sunday's radio proram.
Mr. McCann, the Executive Director of Private Officer International said that there were 65 security officers arrested and gave three very important reasons that has led up to an increase in security officer arrests including a lack of training, poor supervision and a morality breakdown in society.
Also, at the last official count there are more than 2 million security officers employed in the US.

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Brett Davis
News Department Manager
Private Officer International

Bob G. said...

For a long time, I falsely believed they WERE (all) licensed...I knew that in many cases, they HAD to be BONDED.

I worked for store technical services at a big box, and I was problem.
Then again, I was doing all the SECURITY alarms and surveillance cam hookups.
So that made sense to me.

Every one that deals in any form of security SHOULD be licensed...AND bonded.

The responsibility is great, but the temptation can be JUST as great to pull off something unlawful.
And those would be the best people to attempt it, trust me.

I would concur that poor supervision and society's lack of morality has got to be part of this clusterf&ck.

We used to call it ETHICS.
Wonder what it's (not) being called now?

Good post and comment by Mr. Davis.

Bunkermeister said...

Private Officer Breaking News, thanks for the correction, I have made the correction in the blog. Twice as many guards and twice as many arrested. Still a low percentage. Still too many.

I think lack of training is less of a problem then poor intitial screening and hiring. I agree poor supervison and the moraility breakdown in the US is are huge factors.

Bunkermeister said...

I agree guards and others in the security industry should be licensed. I think the companies should be heavily insured, but I have not been a big fan of being bonded. Particularly since guards don't usually make much money.