Saturday, June 26, 2010

Border Patrol

If we don't use the military to secure our border, how can we keep out illegal aliens and drug smugglers from Mexico? There are several things we need to do, some we can do right away, some we need to do over time. We need to expand and militarize the Border Patrol. They should carry patrol rifles and even light machine guns when they go on patrol. There should never be a time when the Border Patrol is out gunned by the drug smugglers. The Border Patrol should be allowed to arm their aircraft with light weapons. Often the smugglers operate in the wilderness and it is nearly impossible to catch them on the ground. A couple machine guns on board a Border Patrol helicopter would certainly stop their pursuits in a hurry. Certainly this would not be appropriate in San Diego, but in the wide open desert county, it could be very effective.

The local police agencies that do not enforce Federal immigration laws should be denied Federal funds. This should extend to their parent organization too. If the California Highway Patrol arrests a suspect for any crime, they should be required to verify the person is in the country legally. If the person is here illegally, they should be arrested and deported. If the California Highway Patrol does not do that with those they arrest, then California should be denied Federal funds until they implement that policy.

The penalties for drug smuggling, sales, use and intoxication should be drastically increased. If someone is under the influence of cocaine, for example, then they need to go to prison. It is the users who begin this problem by buying the drugs in the first place. In too many places simple intoxication on an illegal substance is not treated as a crime or is treated as a very minor offense. Send a few high profile Hollywood celebrities to prison for five years for cocaine intoxication and the glamorization of drugs would very quickly decline. Sports stadiums are always built with taxpayers dollars. If you play sports and fail a drug test or are found intoxicated by drugs or commit any felony, like rape or spousal abuse, then you are banned for life from playing the sport. If the sports don't do that, then they can't play in stadiums built by public money. We need a drug free society; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

Wile there ARE those who argue against it, I am in full AGREEMENT with you.

We (as a society) have WAY too many "distractions" as it is, and adding a laundry list of controlled substances to them is not helping ANYONE to ANY degree to move FORWARD in their lives.

I.C.E. needs to get on the same page, along with local police departments and the D.E.A.

It saddens me to think of this current administration even thinking about any sort of "blanket amnesty" to all the illegals already here (and within that group we have about 25% that are criminals or have criminal intent).

What's needed is a more srtingent effort by ALL concerned to make those who pursue drug dealing, smuggling, and distribution SO damn uncomfortable doing so, that they'll have NO other alternative BUT to stop doing it...period!

But like I say...I'm old school.
Still, it does make sense, yes?

Stay safe.

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, drugs are a scourge on our society.