Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shooting Vunerablities

There are predictions that the radical Muslims who have been waging war against the West for centuries may follow the lead of Major Nidal. They might just go to the local gun store, buy a gun, and lots of ammo, and then start shooting up the local crowd of people. In many states, few people carry firearms. At many venues, even the private security guards don't carry guns. Many large gatherings don't have an armed police presence.

Your local shopping mall probably does not have armed guards. When was the last time you walked the mall so you know were the entrances are and the various stores? If someone says there is a guy in the Sears store with a gun shooting everyone, do you know how to respond?

Some mega-churches actually do have armed private security guards, but you probably have churches with five or six hundred people at a service and they probably don't have security. You local high school may have a school resource officer, but what about your junior high school and your elementary schools? Who is keeping your children safe if a radical Muslim with a Glock and a fanny pack full of loaded magazines shows up? Do a risk assessment of your jurisdiction and see how vulnerable, it's the first step in planning a response; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

I've yet to see a mall that DID have armed security (I think it's a social issue - don't spook the shoppers).

I had to frequent a lot of malls while doing CCTV work, and I knew where emergency exits were.
I often came into the mall after chatting up security to getting permission to bring in (or remove) equipment for our store.'
I still scope out exits when in malls today.
And in a food court, I always like to sit with my back to a wall.

Force of habit, I guess.

Stay safe.

Bunkermeister said...

Malls guards are seldom armed because the mall management would rather risk having the bad guys kill a shopper than having the liability of having a mall guard shoot a shopper by mistake.

That will change after a few mall attackes by active shooters, when shoppers stay home rather than go out.