Monday, June 14, 2010


It's summer time, and time for fun in the water. Swimming pools, lakes, rivers, oceans of fun for everyone, until it's not. Can you swim? I think swimming should be taught in every police academy. Officers are often the first responders to a drowning victim and may have to perform a water rescue. Being able to swim would sure be helpful. Just about every year one or two officers drown.

Did you know there is body armor that will float? If you work on a boat or where there is a lot of water, maybe you should consider getting that type. If you work around a lot of water, maybe you should keep a life vest in your trunk. Grab it out of your car, throw in your Sam Browne and then go do the rescue. It does not pay for you to jump in and become another victim.

Can you do CPR? We do CPR training every two years. Drowning victims are often little kids. While my enthusiasm for giving CPR to some junkie who just got shot is low, a six year old who got pulled out of a pool is a different matter. In our most recent class they said some places are teaching 200 chest compressions before any breaths. That can go a long way towards keeping a little kid alive until EMS can arrive and take over; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

Never formally learned to swim (almost drown once, and that spooked me for ages), but I can don a mask and fins and swim UNDERWATER...go figure.

Used to swim in and out of hoops on the pool bottom seeing how long it would take and if I could do it in one breath.

But, I do know CPR.
I know...I should learn to tread water...

Bunkermeister said...

Many local schools have summer swim programs. It's pretty easy to learn to dog paddle.