Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Multiple Suspects

On the worst day of your career, you may be confronted with multiple suspects who are attempting to shoot you do death. How do you deal with that? One at a time. The first thing to do, once you recognize multiple deadly threats is to fight back. Draw your duty weapon. Get your gun out of the holster, and start shooting. As quickly as you can. Shoot at the threat that is the greatest to you. If one suspect is much closer, then shoot at him first. If one suspect has a shotgun and the others have a lesser weapon, like a handgun or knife, shoot the guy with the shotgun first.

Ordinarily we would want to shoot the suspect until his threat to us is over, but when there are multiple suspects making deadly threats against you, it may be better to try and shoot each one with one or two rounds and move on to the next suspect. That way each suspect can be hit in the shortest possible amount of time.

While you are drawing you can start shooting. Even if you are not fully up on the center of mass of the target, shoot as you are bringing the gun up. Shoot them in the ankle, knee, and the stomach on the way to the chest. I like to practice drawing the handgun from the holster, and moving the barrel to a horizontal position as soon as the muzzle clears the top edge of the holster. It allows me to be on target, just that much sooner; that's what the SGT Says.


Bob G. said...

One thing I can do w/ my BB pistols in my basement is to draw and fire at waist level as soon as the sidearms clears the holster.

Geting that "muscle memory" thing working helps to get rounds where you want them to go ASAP, and before you can effectively point-shoot or direct AIMED fire.

Most indoor ranges don't really permit that here (IN), nor can you even perform that method, usually because of the "shelf" across the shooting bay.

Thank God for basements, BB pistols, and empty cans!

Good post...great advice.

Bunkermeister said...

I think everyone should have the ability to practice they way they need to to fight effectively. Too bad many ranges are not set up for that.

Jay said...

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Bunkermeister said...

Thank you Jay. Let all your cop friends know. I want this information to be out there for law enforcement and it's friends to know how to do their jobs better. Thanks for reading.